Your Last Chance to Win a Car!

This is your last chance to win! On average there have only been 5,000 entries, so chances are very high that you can win. People think there is a catch to it, but there is not at all. Read the story about how people don’t believe they have won!

by Sarah Warburton

You could win a car…just ask Monette Insani, Chad Meadows, and Melinda Rains, a few winners of Classic Chevy’s Free Car Monthly Giveaway.

Chad says, “I heard Don on the radio talking about the giveaway, so I signed up online. When Classic Chevy called a few weeks later, I thought it was a sales thing…then I recognized Don’s voice! He said, ‘You won a car. What do you think your wife will say?’ I told him, ‘She’ll think I’m lying or crazy!’ I sweet-talked her into coming with me to the dealership. Later I found out another winner hadn’t even been able to convince his wife to come pick the car up! My wife needed a new car, so I offered the Spark to her with one condition…I couldn’t have my name on the title to a pink car! Luckily, she settled for lime green. The car was completely free, and we traded in her old, hail-damaged car to upgrade the stereo and navigation. Everyone was so friendly and down-to-earth…they seemed really excited for us. We’re saving to buy a house, so the timing couldn’t have been better! We live in a skeptical age, but I received no marketing emails, no pressure, nothing. Enter this contest and if you get a call from Classic Chevy…pick up the phone!”

Monette says, “When I went online to check the used car inventory at Classic Chevy and saw the online ad for the contest, I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got nothing to lose!’ I didn’t tell anyone, not even my husband, that I’d entered…because seriously, nobody wins a car! Then on April Fool’s Day Don and Mark called to tell me I’d won a Chevy Sonic. I was shaking and in absolute shock and it took me quite a while to explain it all to my husband. We’ve got three kids, so we loaned the new car to my daughter. She is almost seventeen and I feel so much better knowing she’s got a good car to drive. Now I tell everyone at work and all my Facebook friends to enter the contest!”

Melinda says, “When I heard Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, talk about the car giveaway on 740 Talk Radio, I thought, ‘Nobody ever wins these things’…but I kept re-entering every month. Then the first week in August, Mark gave me a call. I was on vacation to see Graceland, so I didn’t pick up my phone or call him back…honestly, I thought it was a sales call! Once I was home, he told me I’d won a Chevy Spark. I could just fill out the paperwork and drive away or apply the cost of the Spark towards another vehicle. My husband and I are saving to buy a business and the bank told us not to do anything that might change our credit rating…so winning a car was a blessing! I chose the Silver Spark and I just love it. I use it to commute to work from Pinehurst into Houston and the Spark gets great gas mileage…and it’s so cute! All my family is ecstatic. My dad keeps saying how proud he is of me and I say, ‘Dad, all I did was spend two minutes online. That’s all it takes to win a car!”

Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land
13115 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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