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“I had a customer in the other day complaining that no matter what she tried, she couldn’t squash a spider infestation. I told her she needed to call John Onofrey at BUGCO!”

J.D. Sellers knew who to call because he’s been there. “We had just moved into our new home,” says J.D., “and we had ants. Two or three other companies came out to eradicate the problem, but they just kept coming back. A friend tipped me off about BUGCO, and since they treated we haven’t seen an ant since! Two summers later—during one of the very dry years—we found chinch bugs in our yard and up the back of the house. I called John and he got rid of them for good!”
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J.D. is the coach and owner of Optimal Sports Performance in Stafford—the ultimate athletic training facility for all ages. “We’ve trained thousands of kids since 1994,” says J.D., “and more than 300 of them have gone on to receive athletic scholarships and/or play professional sports. I run this place on a philosophy of 100% customer service, professionalism, and being upfront with my clients. And that’s the thing I like about John! His business ethics and philosophy are in line with mine—what you see is what you get. We expanded our business in 2014 to a new facility, and with a new facility comes new problems…we had a spider infestation. Of course I called John, and he and the crew at BUGCO took care of it and we’ve been insect-free ever since. I’ve earned the trust of my customers, and I have no problem recommending John to them when they need pest control. I know he’ll take care of them and exceed their expectations. He’s a great guy running a great company!”
John says, “I’m glad we could eradicate the pests at both J.D.’s house and his business. As local guys, both myself and my partner Chris Millward know what kind of pests to expect…and how to deal with them. We offer inspections and treatment for termites and other pests, and rodent control and exclusion. And if you haven’t noticed…our rainy spring brought our pesky friends—the mosquitos— back in droves! If you’re tired of smelling like insect repellent just to sit in your backyard, consider mosquito misting. In fact, right now we’re offering our customers an incredible special on a mosquito misting system…you can get a 20 nozzle system installed for your outdoor living space at our cost ($1499)! Give us a call and get rid of pests…for good!”
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  1. We had Bugco at the house again today for my quarterly treatment. The young men were very professional and nice. When they treated the outside to my delight they knocked down the wasp nests and cleaned under the eve’s with brooms. Since we are up in years and difficult to keep the outside clear of webs, etc. this was a really great service. I highly recommend Bugco.

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