Reduce Postpartum Recovery Time by Half

Delmie DePuma-Aparicio, owner of local True Recovery Lymphatic Massage, has been studying and doing lymphatic drainage therapy for over 20 years.

Help Us Help Everyone.

Since its founding in 1990, East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry (EFBHNM) has been serving the basic human needs of families in our community in a temporary financial crisis.

Improving Wellness and Longevity

Delmie DePuma-Aparicio, owner of local True Recovery Lymphatic Massage, has been studying and doing lymphatic drainage therapy for over 20 years.

Elevating Plastic Surgery Results from Good to Great

“After finishing my plastic surgery residency at Baylor College of Medicine, I was very confident in my surgery technique,” explains local plastic surgeon, Erica Bartlett MD.

Eight Weeks Postnatal and Her Body’s Completely Back to Normal

After Kari Vest gave birth via C-section to her third child, she experienced lots of swelling.

Say Goodbye to the “Postpartum Pooch” without Surgery

Diastasis recti is a common condition in pregnant and postpartum women. It occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles (the six-pack ab muscles) separate during pregnancy from being stretched.

My Healing Hands

“I find anatomy–the way God created our bodies, and how we are affected by food and exercise–fascinating,” says Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy (LDT) certified therapist, Delmie DePuma-Aparicio.

Don’t shoulder pain by yourself!

Travis High School’s Bryan Schuh was used to getting knocked around on the football field

Keeping the Mind and Body Sharp

At 70 years old, he’s in shape and looking to keep his mind and body sharp

“I could have lost a foot!”
Drinking and Driving – A Local Mom’s Perspective

Local St. Michael’s Elite Hospital has everything you need to get through this surge of the pandemic.

Over 45? It’s time for a colonoscopy

Leshette Benson never thought about getting a colonoscopy.

KNOW WHERE TO GO – Everything Needed to Care For COVID-19

Local St. Michael’s Elite Hospital has everything you need to get through this surge of the pandemic.

A fight for two lives

What happens when a mom-to-be is diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy?

A Medically-Supervised,
One-Year Weight Loss Plan

Twelve years ago, Ashley Hilliard began her health journey. “It started with weight loss,” says Ashley, “but it wasn’t until I met Dr. Julia Ward (founder of local Balanced Body Functional Medicine) that I was able to heal all of my ailments!

Interventional Radiology Provides Minimally-Invasive Solutions

Numbness, cramps, weakness, foot wounds, discoloration, and cold feet: They’re all warning signs of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

Fading Away Spider Veins

Thirty-two-year-old McCall Crihfield first saw a dermatologist about the spider veins in her legs.

20,000 Smiles and Counting!

In her 16 years of experience, Dr. Mehta has helped more than 20,000 patients with their smiles.

We’ve Experienced an Unprecedented Year. How Can You Get Involved?

Since the beginning of COVID-19, East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry (EFBHNM) has provided tens of thousands of Fort Bend residents food and toiletry items to get them through this unprecedented time. Development Director Stacey Williams says, “We see at least one new family a week. And its often not who you would expect. So many in our community have been left without jobs or anywhere to turn this past year.”

Hope Begins Here

When her 26-year-old daughter, Tiffany, was diagnosed with special needs at the age of two, Susan Baker turned to personal therapy for hope.

Stories of HOPE.

Injury, overuse and chronic medical conditions can cause pain and suffering of the spine, neck and nervous system. If you’re hurting, turn to the experts at the Houston Methodist Neuroscience & Spine Center at Sugar Land.

Tears of Joy

Sugar Land native Kevin Tran spent 15 years working in the finance industry. Two years ago, Andrew Cheng invited Kevin to join Clutch City Insurance where the primary focus is Medicare. Andrew is Kevin’s childhood friend and the Principal at Clutch City Insurance.

Welcome Dr. Michael Everson!

Dr. Michael Everson is the latest optometrist to join the Memorial Eye Center at Sugar Land family.

Recognized for Exceptional Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Rick Miller, Texas Representative for District 26, presented St. Michael’s Elite Hospital with a resolution in recognition of the exceptional care the facility has provided to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Whiter Smile for Valentine’s Day

Dazzle your Valentine this Valentine’s Day by putting the pearl back into your pearly whites. Local dentist Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. says

Medical Center-Quality Care Right Here in Sugar Land
COVID-19 Testing That’s FAST.

When Heather needed to be tested for COVID-19, she chose St. Michael’s Elite Hospital. She says, “I selected St. Michael’s because they have accessibility to rapid result testing. I needed my result the same day.


Sugar Land natives Jamie Fish and her husband live in Richmond with their two young sons...five year old Landon, and Ashton who just turned two. Ashton—a typical, active toddler—was taking a nap when Jamie heard him whining. She went in to see if he was okay and he had blood smeared on his face, coming from his nose.

Missing TEETH? Hiding your SMILE?

IDr.Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. in Stafford has been doing dental implants for many, many years. “They’re great,” says Dr. Lomonte. “"

Thinking Outside the Box

To ensure success, companies must understand consumer perceptions and behaviors when coming out with new products and services. This is where market research comes in.

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