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Aga’s Restaurant & Catering made a $25,000 donation to Child Advocates of Fort Bend (CAFB)..

Celebrating Five Years in Sugar Land in This Month of Love

When April and Chris Muller opened the Arthur Murray dance studio in Sugar Land in February of 2019, their goal was to get people on their feet and dancing.

Making Our Community a Better Place!

This month, Dr. Asha Patel launches her state-of-the-art general dentistry practice right here in Fort Bend County: Smile Solutions.

Two Bathrooms in Three Weeks

When Cindy and John were ready to update their master bathroom and hall bathroom,

White-Glove, Concierge Services For Small Businesses and Individuals

Javed Meghani was 19 years old when he moved to this country. “I’ve been an entrepreneur for 35 years,” says Javed.

10 Years Serving Fort Bend County

It’s been 10 years since Teri Gilberg (better known as the Re-Modelista) made a life-changing business decision.

A Nearly 30-Year Client

“I met the late Johnny Jackson of Jackson Air and Heat when we bought this lot back in 1994,

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

The world has changed a lot over the past 18 months. Telehealth is now common, and the ability to work from home...

What Can the Re-Modelista Do For You?

Teri Gilberg (better known as the Re-Modelista) has remodeled many, many Fort Bend homes over the years.

A “New” Hall Bath in Three Weeks

“My son is a big guy at 6 foot 4,” says Mike. “So we wanted to take the tub out of the hall bathroom next to his room, put in a shower for him, and connect the bathroom to his room with a pocket door...."

The Season of New Beginnings

It’s been one year since most of us really started to feel the effects of the global pandemic. Last month, we endured one of the harshest arctic events ever to hit Fort Bend County.


If you’re reading this, chances are you either experienced a frozen pipe that burst last month, or you know someone who did. Alan Burkhalter, Master Plumber and owner of local Alan’s Plumbing, says, “We received thousands of calls in the days after Fort Bend’s historic arctic event about burst pipes."

Honest, Communicative, and Giving

Adrian and Lisa Davilá O’Toole wanted a full update for their 1980s kitchen. “We needed to take down a wall,” says Lisa, “opening the kitchen to the living area. Plus we wanted to rearrange the appliances, all new cabinets, granite, a gas stovetop with an updated hood, and new trim and baseboards.”

We Are Here When You Need Us…

It’s been more than 20 years since Alan Burkalter, Master Plumber and owner of local Alan’s Plumbing, first started allowing his three sons to ride the truck with him. “They weren’t even ten years old yet,” says Alan. “But I wanted Beau, Luke and Jake to understand and see for themselves core values like hard work, honesty, and the skills of a trade.”

Bugs and Rodents: No! Bees and Mudbugs: Yes!

Bee Unique has been a Rosenberg establishment for nearly 40 years. Two years ago, business partners Sean Foley and Karen Obmaces bought the business, revamped it, and moved it across the street. One unexpected find: the original building was infested with mice.

Imagine Endless Amounts of Hot Water!

When you think of tanks, usually the first image that pops into your head is a heavily armored fighting vehicle or maybe a sleeveless T-shirt.

A Wonderful Family and a Dedicated Business

Ruth Antonius has always been a supporter of local businesses. “I trust local businesses more, and the closer to us the better,” says Ruth. So when her granddaughter Chelsea started dating master plumber Luke Burkhalter more than six years ago, Ruth’s plumbing loyalty went to Alan’s Plumbing.


Now that we’ve lost our collective mind celebrating a MUCH-NEEDED spot of good news (Go Astros!), it’s time to turn our attention to making our homes deliciously comfortable for the holidays. That might include baking homemade chocolate chip cookies, filling the house with the sharp piney scent of a Christmas tree, enjoying the wonderful waxy smell of candles melting and—for us Gulf Coast folks—making sure our air conditioners and furnaces are working properly. Because you know we’re going to use them both!

Not Just Strong – Fort Bend Strong

When Janice first heard that Hurricane Harvey was barreling toward the Texas coast, she assumed it would be a high-wind, high-water event. But nothing prepared her for the sheer devastation that followed. Within a matter of hours, most of her neighbors only two blocks away were stranded on their roofs, frightened, heartbroken, waiting to be rescued.

The Jackson 4 – “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall we’ll be there!”

When it comes to singing R&B, nobody warbled tunes like The Jackson 5. Their song stylings and dance maneuvers are rivaled by no one. But when it comes to air conditioning, nobody can beat Sugar Land’s own “Jackson 4” at Jackson Air & Heat: patriarch Johnny Jackson, company owner Brian Jackson and Brian’s two sons, Brian and Blake. They may not be able to moonwalk, but they can fix anything air conditioning related...and in a Southeast Texas summer, who would you rather have knocking at your door?

Five Reasons You NEED a Better Air Conditioner

Staying cool is no joke! You NEED a Better Air Conditioner. The Fort Bend area sweated through one of the top five hottest Februaries ever. By all indicators, it’s going to be a scorcher of a summer.

Expect the Unexpected

Did you know Katy, TX was originally named Cane Island? The name was officially changed to Katy when it formally incorporated in 1945. Today, almost 75 years later, Rise Communities brings Cane Island back to Katy. Expect the unexpected!

Fort Bend First

When J.D. Sellers—owner of Optimal Sports Performance (OSP)—built his home nine years ago, there were bugs here and there for the first five years. J.D. says, “I had two different companies come out and both told me I needed to be on their monthly plan to get rid of the bugs. But it didn’t make sense to me. If they were doing their job...the bugs would be gone!”

How to Win the Thermostat Wars

Do you hear that? It’s the chorus of your family complaining about how hot it is inside the house. Oh, or two rooms are bearable. But the bedrooms upstairs are always sweat boxes. Then come the covert ops: various people-who-shall-not-be-named tiptoeing through the house to turn down the thermostat. Before you know it, the usually bearable rooms are freezing cold and your energy meter is spinning out of control - the Thermostat Wars have begun.

The Guys Want You to Know when Spring Has Sprung

You know Spring is Sprung in the Sugar Land area when:

3 Signs That Summer Has Officially Arrived

Our January temperatures were concrete evidence of the crazy fluctuations we are subject to here in the Fort Bend County area. One minute you’re dialing the thermostat up...the next minute, you’re dialing it down. Way down. And that can happen over the course of one afternoon!

Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Covered

Say there’s a spider in your yard. Is it the good kind that will keep other insects off your tomato plants...while not bothering anything else? Or the bad kind that might send you to the ER? Let BUGCO Pest Control handle all of your insect and rodent concerns, while you keep your peace of mind.

If you’re seeing things, running through your house. Maybe it’s a roach… or even a mouse. Who you gonna call? BugCo.

Since 2007, John Onofrey, Chris Millward, and their team of “bugbusters” of BugCo have been combating pests in area neighborhoods. Know what’s creepy? Pests might be living in your home and you’re NOT seeing them!

Integrity Means Everything

When it comes to your family, your home and your business, you want professionals that have the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle any problem you throw at them with integrity. That’s why decorated Marine John Onofrey built not one, but two, outstanding service-oriented businesses to protect the things that matter most: Top 2 Bottom Inspections ( and BUGCO Pest Control (

From Mosquitos to Tan Lines…
Are YOU Ready for Summer?

There’s a lot to love about summer—longer days, warmer weather—but there’s a lot to loathe too. You’re showing more skin and spending more time outside, but those pesky mosquitoes and weird tan lines are just some of the woes that can ruin even the most perfect summer day.

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