Honest, Communicative, and Giving

Kim and Hoang recently gutted and remodeled their kitchen. Kim says, “We shopped around a bit for contractors. We had already received several quotes when we saw a story about Teri Gilberg (better known as the Re-Modelista) in UpClose magazine. We invited Teri to bid on the project. Her price was inline with some of the other quotes, and we chose Teri because communication with her is really smooth and quick.”

“I had spent a long time thinking about this remodel, and I had gathered photos of what I liked,” continues Kim. “I wanted quartz countertops in two colors, one color for the island and another for the back wall. The cabinets, floors, and lighting would all be replaced. The original kitchen had a two-level, angled island. It was hard to sit and communicate at it. I wanted to change the footprint, and make it a rectangular, counter-height island. Widening the pantry and replacing the front and back doors were also part of the project.”

The time Kim spent planning the remodel made Teri’s work go quickly. Her crew built and painted the new kitchen cabinets. To select her two colors of quartz and new flooring, Teri recommended that Kim visit local Prosource. Kim says, “Our original wood flooring was discontinued, so we needed the new flooring to work with the existing floor. We found exactly what we needed at ProSource.”

“Throughout the process, Teri and her crew were very giving. Teri recommended against replacing our back door. She advised that the structure and weather-proofing were still good. Instead, she suggested we just replace the glass panel. It gave us a new look and was less expensive than a new door. When her crew went to widen the pantry, they discovered it contained a structural wall. Teri’s foreman Tony really helped with maintaining the structural part of it, and the new pantry worked out well. We really appreciated how everyone was very honest and communicative.”
“We love our new kitchen,” says Kim. “It’s a very open, light and welcoming environment…a whole new space for us. Our family that has visited loves it too. We do recommend Teri to others!”

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