UpClose Magazine
is produced exclusively in full color by high-quality web press at 150 l.p.i. Minimum acceptable image resolution is 350 ppi.

Mechanical Specs:
Please download a copy of our mechanical specs here.
(requires Acrobat Reader or similar software).

Ad templates compatible with Quark Xpress 4 or Indesign 2.0 and later are available here.

While we encourage a limit of 10 megabytes, files of up to 20 megabytes total may be submitted via e-mail to production.

Submissions should be compressed with ZIP to save time and to reduce the submission to a single file.

Dropbox/file transfer service:
If your art is larger than email can handle, and do not have access to a file transfer service, UpClose can provide access to one of ours by request.

A full discussion of the issues behind submitting workable files for offset print is beyond the scope of this site. If you are inexperienced in layout for offset print, it would be better to hire an experienced graphic artist or let UpClose design your artwork.

Acrobat (pdf) files work well, as long as they conform to the PDF/X1 standard with no Spot colors. Be aware that UpClose makes no guarantee that PDF files will print properly if we have to make changes to them – Acrobat files should be submitted as completely finalized artwork.

Photographs should be their original size from the camera that produced them, and only light jpeg compression used. Images that have been downsized and/or overcompressed will often print poorly.

Vector Artwork, such as what is created in Illustrator and similar programs, should be saved from it’s creator application into vector pdf format. It is recommended that no bit images be included inside of vector artwork, and that a separate copy of the bitmap be included if this is done.

UpClose can often use files created in other programs, but can make no guarantee as to the results. This is especially true of Microsoft products. Please contact production with any specific questions.

Transportable Media:
UpClose Magazine discourages the use of thumb/flash drives and other portable media.

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