HMNS Gets Wild, Texas Style

New Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife set to open Oct. 24 HOUSTON—Anyone familiar with the popular tune Deep in the Heart of Texas knows to expect that coyotes wail along the trail and rabbits rush around the brush here in the Lone Star State. However, not everyone knows just what other animals they may find […]

The Hidden Danger in Your Home

by Amy Sharp “Truth is,” says Brian Jackson at Jackson Air and Heat in Sugar Land, “there is probably not a soul in Fort Bend County that runs the furnace continuously through the winter. Our winters are just not harsh, and we may assume a furnace that is not run all that much doesn’t need […]

Solutions for Your Scary Veins

by Amy Sharp Do you have a web of blood vessels running down your leg? Or does that protruding vein make you feel like the Bride of Frankenstein? Like a Halloween costume, spider veins and varicose veins can be scary. Don’t be fooled…the real danger is on the inside! “Many patients come to see me […]

Is Your Bathroom Haunted?

If your tub is dingy, your bathroom sinks are stained, and the tile is beyond hope…your bathroom may be haunted by the ghosts of years gone by. Jonee and Paul Barnett, owners of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing say, “Time takes a toll on even the most beautiful bathroom, but you don’t have to face the […]

Modern Luxury: We’ve got the tech you want

by Luke Worth If life is a series of compromises, shouldn’t there be one area of your life that is just yours? Exactly what you want, when you want it, if you want it, no holds barred, the thing that makes you rub your hands together and chortle with glee? Scott Crain and Richard Machemehl […]

Do You Know Your Hometown Plumbers?

by Luke Worth There was a time in the not-too-distant past when Main Street was populated by family-owned businesses run by, well, families. When customers walked into these stores, they knew the people behind the counter, and those people knew them. Personal accountability and a strong work ethic were woven into the fabric of daily […]

Treat Yourself to a Stunning Smile

by Joelie Key-Tissot Did you know that your dentist could be the answer to many of your Halloween fears? It’s true. Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. of Stafford can deal with witches, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns…so you’ll have absolutely nothing to fear! Why do witches have such scary faces? Dr. Lomonte says, “If you have missing or […]

2015 Chevrolet Trax

City Smart and Texas Tough by Sarah Warburton When you think of “Texas Tough,” do you think of trucks or off-road vehicles? That’s not the only way we roll in the Lone Star State. If you’re one of the millions of drivers on the road between Houston and Fort Bend, you need a ride that’s […]

Celebrating a Dream Come True

What do Styx, the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild, the Moscow Ballet, a Hot Sauce Festival, and Indian playback singer Kumar Sanu have in common with Katy native and country star Clint Black? They’re all part of the reason that the Stafford Centre is celebrating not only its Tenth Anniversary, but also over 3 millions guests. […]

Spotlight on Service: the Grace Care Center

Spotlight on Service: the Grace Care Center As recounted by Tamara Shan This past summer I, along with a group of girls from Ann Arbor Michigan, had the opportunity to travel to Trincomalee, Sri Lanka to volunteer at Grace Care Center. “Grace” is a girls’ orphanage established 12 years ago to provide food, shelter, and […]

Seeing Your Family: From Babies to Big Kids to Adults

by Sarah Warburton Kids and adults of all ages need a family optometrist. How young is too young? “The earlier we diagnose Amblyopia or “Lazy Eye” and Strabismus, the easier they are to treat…before they start affecting a child’s development,” says Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source. “That’s why the American Optometric Association […]

The Shackles of Constantine

“Jade Orwell had been firmly assured of three things at Constantine Academy: first, that the Division was an enemy to be hunted down and killed with all the wrath of her own fierce magic; second, that Constantine Academy was a safe haven–her one and only refuge; and third, that the Academy was a place she […]

The Benefits of Yoga Disguised as a Massage

by Amy Sharp Busy. Busy. Busy. With school back in session, it’s no secret that many of you are managing three or four different household schedules. Every day as you are rushing between baseball and dance you think, “I should really try yoga…I could use some of that harmony and peace. But these tired muscles […]

A Relationship Built to Last

by Sarah Warburton How do you judge a company? Lisa Cisneros, an Senior Event Manager for a large hotel downtown, says, “At the end of the day it’s all the small things. How they answer the phone, whether the guys they sent to your home are on-time, clean and polite, and how quickly they respond […]

October is Children’s Health Month

When your child is sick, it’s hard not to panic. Where should you turn for help? “Our specialty-trained, board-certified ER physicians, nurses, and technicians are the best choice for treatment in an emergency…for patients of all ages,” says Dr. Shannon Orsak of St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms. “Emergency physicians receive comprehensive training in treating childhood emergencies. […]

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