Treat Yourself to a Stunning Smile

by Joelie Key-Tissot

Did you know that your dentist could be the answer to many of your Halloween fears? It’s true. Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. of Stafford can deal with witches, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns…so you’ll have absolutely nothing to fear!

Why do witches have such scary faces? Dr. Lomonte says, “If you have missing or worn teeth, the area around the mouth starts to wrinkle and curve. Porcelain veneers can add thickness to your lips and lower face…reducing wrinkles, smoothing upper and lower lip furrows, and adding fullness. As a bonus, your worn-down, discolored, chipped, or misaligned teeth and any gaps will be completely hidden for a look that rolls back the years.”

Crooked or missing teeth are cute on a Jack-O-Lantern, but you don’t want to sport that kind of smile year round. Dr. Lomonte says, “Leaving a gap between teeth for a prolonged period of time will cause the surrounding teeth to misalign. When you lose a tooth, bone or soft tissue aren’t necessary, so they start to recede. Dental implants will prevent this from happening, providing a root to secure your jawbone and gum tissue.”

Is there a monster in your bed at night? If your SNORE is making your loved ones howl in fright and leaving you exhausted during the day, Dr. Lomonte can custom fit you for a Snore Guard®  which features Air Flow Technology™ to prevent your jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat…the root cause of snoring. Snore Guard®, has been proven up to 99% effective in the treatment of snoring and it’s FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

In just three months, 2014 will vanish like a ghost…taking any unused dental benefits with it. “Why leave money on the table?” says Dr. Lomonte. “If you are paying your dental insurance premiums every month, you should be using your benefits! Regular cleanings are proven to help prevent and detect early signs of cavities, gum disease and other dental problems. And if you need more extensive work, you’ll want to maximize your health dollars. You’ll be surprised how many tricks I have to treat you to a beautiful, healthy smile!”

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