Second Novel for Local Author

A sci-fi/love story set in a world awash with political problems. Two years later, Don Johnston has done it again! His first sci-fi novel, The Dar Lumbre Chronicles, garnered positive feedback. Kirkus Review called it “an ingenious narrative.” His latest book, The Alamogordo Connection, promises to be even more entertaining. In 2045, incoming radio waves […]

Missing TEETH? Hiding your SMILE?

Dr.Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. in Stafford has been doing dental implants for many, many years. “They’re great,” says Dr. Lomonte. “ Whether you’ve lost teeth due to an accident, an infection, or genetics, dental implants can give you the stability and beauty of ‘real teeth.’” But are they easy? “The improvements in dental implants are vast,” […]

Thinking Outside the Box

To ensure success, companies must understand consumer perceptions and behaviors when coming out with new products and services. This is where market research comes in. Traditional market research methods include focus groups, phone interviews, product tests, and more. But sometimes…market research means thinking outside the box! Local Creative Consumer Research (CCR) recently engaged in a […]

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