Thinking Outside the Box

To ensure success, companies must understand consumer perceptions and behaviors when coming out with new products and services. This is where market research comes in. Traditional market research methods include focus groups, phone interviews, product tests, and more. But sometimes…market research means thinking outside the box!

Local Creative Consumer Research (CCR) recently engaged in a research project where they had to do just that. The client was Rebtel, a Swedish technology firm that has spent the last two decades serving global migrant communities. To complete the research, CCR needed to gain insight into the challenges different migrant groups encounter when faced with the decision to leave their homes in pursuit of opportunities in the United States, and to understand their financial services struggles once established here.

CCR President Patricia Pratt says, “This project presented a unique set of challenges. As one can imagine, those who have recently migrated to the U.S. are hard to identify, and they’re reluctant to participate in market research for a variety of reasons. Understanding this, we realized our traditional research methods would not work.”

To get the job done, CCR (together with Tricone Research) designed a “friends and family” approach. Patricia explains, “We recruited one qualified respondent per migrant group to participate. This individual was paid an incentive to recruit and host a discussion with up to seven family members who did not live in the same household, or friends who were from their native country and also recent migrants to the U.S. An incentive of $100 was offered to all who participated in the study.” This unique research endeavor led to product development, service development, pricing, advertising, and marketing strategies to address the needs that were uncovered. It has been recognized as one of the year’s best qualitative research projects in Houston by the American Marketing Association, and is nominated for the prestigious American Marketing Association Crystal Award for qualitative research.

The Rebtel project is just one example of the kind of research CCR can do. Patricia says, “We do lots of studies in a variety of industries that aid in the development of new products, services and ideas…so we need lots of people to provide their opinions! Anyone over 18 can participate. The criteria for every study is different, so the more people we have in our database the better. If you fit the criteria for a study, we will contact you and see if you’re available. We always compensate for your time.”

This opportunity is completely confidential. CCR never sells names and will sign any non-disclosure agreement. If you would like to participate in research at CCR, visit and fill out the form.

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