October is Children’s Health Month

When your child is sick, it’s hard not to panic. Where should you turn for help? “Our specialty-trained, board-certified ER physicians, nurses, and technicians are the best choice for treatment in an emergency…for patients of all ages,” says Dr. Shannon Orsak of St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms. “Emergency physicians receive comprehensive training in treating childhood emergencies. As a father myself, I believe St. Michael’s offers the standard of care I’d demand for my own children.”

The only thing worse than a sick child is sitting in a busy waiting room, trying to comfort or entertain your miserable baby. At St. Michael’s you’ll find nine exam rooms (including pediatric themed rooms, a sports room, and a Harley-Davidson room!), a treatment suite for observation, and a comfortable waiting room…but don’t expect to wait! One dad told us, “We knew the average wait time at a hospital ER this time of year could be nine hours, and we were too worried to drive all the way out there just to wait around. At St. Michael’s our wait time was maybe one minute before we were called back.”

As Sugar Land’s first free-standing ER, St. Michael’s is not affiliated with just one hospital. They have their own X-ray, Ultrasound and CT, and on-site diagnostic lab, so you always get priority service. If your child does need long-term treatment, St. Michael’s has agreements with the best nearby hospitals to get you priority care…without a wait! One patient told us, “After swiftly diagnosing our toddler with a life-threatening infection, St. Michael’s called ahead to Texas Children’s Hospital and got everything in place. When we arrived at Texas Children’s in an ambulance, we completely bypassed the emergency room and went straight into a private room. Everything was already set up for us and within an hour and a half our son was in surgery.”

When one local mom thought her little one might have an ear infection, she says, “It was during cold and flu season, so I worried about exposing her to lots of other sick people in a big waiting room. We went straight to St. Michael’s…and there was no wait! The doctor listened to her chest, our radiology technician performed an x-ray, and they found she had pneumonia. I’ve always really appreciated the speed and the quality of care that St. Michael’s offers families.”

In an emergency, seconds count…and you don’t have to read the fine print of your insurance policy to get the help you need. By law your insurance must pay in-network benefits at the ER of YOUR CHOICE whether the emergency room you choose is “in-network” or “out-of-network”…so why would you choose anywhere except St. Michael’s? Dr. Orsak says, “St. Michael’s is one of the only fully-accredited ER facilities with JCAHO, ACR, and CLIA certifications. We are in-network with AETNA and also accept more than 200 insurance plans, including Cigna, Blue Cross, United, and Humana. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms is ready to help your family!”

At this time St Michael’s is currently not participating with Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

St. Michael’s Emergency Center
16062 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6)
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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