Seeing Your Family: From Babies to Big Kids to Adults

by Sarah Warburton

Kids and adults of all ages need a family optometrist. How young is too young? “The earlier we diagnose Amblyopia or “Lazy Eye” and Strabismus, the easier they are to treat…before they start affecting a child’s development,” says Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source. “That’s why the American Optometric Association recommends every child have a vision screening by an optometrist in their first year.”

Kryshon Bratton says, “My husband Michael had been a patient of Dr. Doan’s for several years, and I became her patient, too. After our first child, I read an article that said most pediatric vision issues go undetected because parents don’t bring their kids to the optometrist early enough. I called Dr. Doan and said, “Is Piper too young to see you? She’s only one year old!” Dr. Doan laughed and said, “Bring her in!” I’m so glad I did…because Piper had a mild case of lazy eye. She had corrective glasses–no eye patches or intensive treatment–and today her eye muscles are strong. She wears contact lenses and competes in swimming and track.”

“Then when our youngest daughter, Whitney, was in Kindergarten, Dr. Doan diagnosed her with a severe astigmatism, like I myself have. Whitney’s been in glasses ever since. She’s quite a fashionista and a redhead, so her first pair of glasses had to be fancy red ones. As soon as she put them on, she said, “Mommy, I can see!” Thank goodness both girls got the help they needed…before vision problems starting affecting their schoolwork or self-esteem.”

Dr. Doan says, “Adults notice when things get blurry, but as parents we also have to ‘read’ the signs that our children can’t see clearly. If your child has headaches, an inability to see the board, poor test scores, and a reluctance to read, call me for a vision screening.”

Kryshon says, “Everyone at Dr. Doan’s office is kind and accommodating. We actually live pretty far away, but we can’t imagine going to anyone else. When we start getting sports checkups and school supplies, the kids know it’s time to see Dr. Doan…and they’re always excited!”


Dr. Anh Doan, O.D.
Vision Source!
4725 Highway 6 South

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