Modern Luxury: We’ve got the tech you want

by Luke Worth

If life is a series of compromises, shouldn’t there be one area of your life that is just yours? Exactly what you want, when you want it, if you want it, no holds barred, the thing that makes you rub your hands together and chortle with glee? Scott Crain and Richard Machemehl of Home Theater Evolutions certainly think so. That’s why they took their obsessive love of electronics and turned their high school dream into a grownup reality. “The great thing about living in the 21st century,” Scott says, “is that our homes have truly become our castles. You can’t begin to imagine what’s available right now in consumer home electronics. The concept of modern luxury isn’t about how you furnish your home…it’s about how you connect it. From your iOS device, you can have all your entertainment at your fingertips.”

Doesn’t it seem like every other commercial talks about “special DVRs” and the “right cable or satellite provider” to make all your television accessible anywhere? “There’s no reason you shouldn’t have access to all your movies, music, and shows throughout your house,” says Richard. “We got our start doing custom home electronics installation, and we pride ourselves on offering the best, most, reliable options, and incorporating them seamlessly (and often invisibly!) into your home.”

True luxury is knowing when to put your dreams in the hands of experts. “The important thing is to know what your options are, which is why we are here to help,” Scott says. “Point-and-click online purchasing isn’t always convenient, especially if you’re spending hours slogging through customer reviews, industry reviews, and consumer ratings sites.” How will you know if a theater system works with your existing space, existing components, or your spouse’s expectations? What really delivers the best value? How do you set it up and install it? At Home Theater Evolutions, you’ll get the streamlined ease that works with your space, your dreams…and your budget.

Home Theater Evolutions helped one local family man with 9 children who sold his two Super Bowl tickets and purchased a state-of-the-art home theater system so he could watch the big game–and more–with his whole family and all his friends. “When you think about it, it’s a fantastic investment,” Richard says. “Our home theater systems aren’t just wires, plastic, and plasma. They are an experience. They immerse you in sound and color. Luxury doesn’t mean having to run all over town or fly all over the country in search of a big entertainment experience. In the comfort of your own home, you can feel as though you’re smack in the middle of wherever the spirit takes you. We’ve never had a customer come back and say, ‘I regret doing that.’ Instead, they tell us what a joy it is for the whole family to sit and relax and enjoy being together.”

Entertainment doesn’t have to be confined to the room where you have your television or stereo. “Whether you want to play music while you make dinner or watch the game in the backyard,  everything can be available throughout your house,” Scott says. “At Home Theater Evolutions, we’ll show you how easy and accessible modern luxury can be…for everyone!”

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