If you’re reading this, chances are you either experienced a frozen pipe that burst last month, or you know someone who did. Alan Burkhalter, Master Plumber and owner of local Alan’s Plumbing, says, “We received thousands of calls in the days after Fort Bend’s historic arctic event about burst pipes. I wanted to let homeowners know that here in 2021, we have another option. We can repipe all of your supply lines with freeze-damage resistant PEX pipe, freeze proofing your home.”

PEX pipe is made from cross-linked HDPE (high density polyethylene). The HDPE is melted and continuously extruded into a tube to form a high-performing pipe. “This pipe will expand if frozen and contract to its original shape when thawed,” continues Alan. “It’s a big improvement over galvanized, copper, and even PVC pipe. While it’s freeze-damage resistant, it is not freeze-proof. The water in the PEX pipe can still freeze and block the flow, putting stress on the pipes. While this stress won’t cause a break or a catastrophic flood in your home, it can weaken the PEX pipes over time, increasing chances of failure and leaks. For this reason, we use the same standard insulation precautions with PEX pipe as we do with other piping to ward off freezing.”

While frozen pipes are at the forefront of our minds here in Fort Bend County, there are additional advantages to PEX pipe. PEX pipe is clean and rust free. This means it doesn’t corrode, and will not contaminate the water it’s moving and holding. No corrosion also results in an increase in water pressure. And because they do not burst, some insurance companies offer breaks to homes with PEX piping. Alan says, “Here at Alan’s Plumbing, we go the extra mile when we repipe your home with PEX. Every supply line valve is changed, and every toilet is rebuilt. We want nothing to go wrong, and we offer a lifetime warranty on the materials.”

For 25 years and counting, Alan’s Plumbing has been the go-to, honest plumbing company here in Fort Bend. Alan’s brother Chris and his son Luke are also Master Plumbers. His son Beau is journeyman-licensed and studying for his master plumber license, and his son Jake is an apprentice close to his journeyman license. Alan’s wife Jennifer, Luke’s wife Chelsea, and Katie Johnson answer the phones. This crew includes journeyman-licensed plumbers Jeff Johnson and Jaime, and tradesman-licensed Trevor. Alan says, “We are licensed to do work in the state of Texas, and we ONLY work in Fort Bend. I know it’s a trying time, and plumbers are busy. But please make sure you have someone working on your home that is licensed in Texas and can be trusted. It’s important!”

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