A Nearly 30-Year Client

“I met the late Johnny Jackson of Jackson Air and Heat when we bought this lot back in 1994,” says Gene E. Huebner, M.D. “There was an old house here, and he worked on the A/C for us. When we built the new house, the builder put in the A/C units. But when they needed work, and then replacement, we went back to Jackson Air and Heat. Today, Johnny’s son Brian owns the business, and Jackson Air and Heat is still my A/C company.”

“The Jacksons are good, hardworking people,” continues Dr. Huebner. “They are down-to-earth, they answer the phones, and they show up when they say they will. There is no big corporate structure. On a personal level, Brian’s stepmom Nancy is from Panama. My wife grew up in Panama, and they have a special connection. Nancy is also one of my patients!”

Jackson Air and Heat has been a Fort Bend staple since 1982. It’s the oldest independent Trane dealer in Sugar Land. Brian says, “My dad teamed up with Trane all those years ago because he knew there was a difference in quality and reliability of air conditioners. Trane has the quality, reliability, and technology needed in our hot, humid Texas summers. With the constant changes in the air conditioning industry, it’s so important to stay on top of the latest technologies with continuing education and training. It’s not just cooling and heating anymore. It’s also energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Tranes allow us to keep our customers comfortable, safe, and happy. To date, we’ve replaced two of Dr. Huebner’s three systems with a Trane. For those interested in an upgrade or replacement, now is a great time. Trane is offering 0% financing or instant rebates, and Centerpoint also has rebates currently available.”

“I’ve lived here for 41 years,” says Dr. Huebner. “There are lots of new names in A/C in the Sugar Land area…but Jackson Air and Heat continues to come up. It’s a great, family-run business that I certainly recommend. I think the fact that I’ve used them for nearly 30 years speaks for itself!”

Dr. Huebner is managing partner at Southwest OB-GYN Associates. “Coincidentally, I delivered Brian’s son, Blake, 26 years ago this month,” says Dr. Huebner. Today, both of Brian’s sons, Brian and Blake, carry on the family legacy by serving Jackson Air and Heat customers with the same honesty and integrity as their dad and late grandfather.
For more information about Dr. Huebner and Southwest OB-GYN Associates, visit www.swobgyn.com.

Jackson Air and Heat, Inc.
Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer
Texas Tested and Texas Tough
License #TACLB29585


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