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Did you know that with more than 20,000 combined reviews, local Aga’s Restaurant is the highest rated South Asian restaurant in the United States?

Opened in 2001 and bought by the Maredia family in 2011, this Indian-Pakistani restaurant is a household name among the South Asian population. Walk into the restaurant, and the clientele is as diverse as Fort Bend County. The cuisine is so popular, Aga’s has a seating capacity of 700+…and those 700+ seats are filled every single weekend. The menu is 100% Zabiha Halal and is filled with fresh and delicious vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes. Aga’s success stems from family and friends recommending the restaurant to co-workers and anyone visiting from anywhere. “We serve all customers with the utmost respect, no matter who you are,” explains Shaukat Maredia. “Hospitality is our specialty. We know you’ll be happy and have a great experience here.”
Through Aga’s Restaurant, Shaukat and his brothers are invested in making our community a better place. It starts with the Aga’s staff, some of whom have been at Aga’s since the beginning. “I realize we would not be this successful if our staff did not enjoy being here,” says Shaukat. “They take so much pride in working here. My late father was very generous to the staff and always appreciated them. We’ve extended that generosity and appreciation, helping out with whatever our staff needs, as my office is always open to them.” That care extends into our community. The Aga’s annual scholarship program is open to all Texas graduating high school seniors. In 2023, Aga’s awarded $25,000 in scholarship funds to ten students. Each year, Aga’s also sets aside a percentage of profits for charity. “Churches, mosques, temples, and other nonprofits reach out when there is a need. It’s such a great feeling to help our neighbors.”

The Aga’s Restaurant menu includes grilled goat chops, biryanis, sizzling platters, curries and more. Shaukat says, “We process our own meat, ensuring the proper temperature, cut, and a quality product. For individuals new to our restaurant, I often recommend the goat chops or chicken lollipops. I guarantee you’ll like them! But if you’re still not sure what to order, our staff is always very helpful. They’ll walk through what you like and help you make a selection. You’ll have a really good meal without breaking the wallet!” Aga’s offers carry-out and delivery exclusively through UberEats.

Have a special celebration coming up? Aga’s Restaurant caters events of any size in their two beautiful banquet halls. Party trays and full-service, onsite catering are also available. Shaukat says, “We staff your catering, from setup to serving appetizers, drinks, and desserts, to take down. We’ll make sure your celebration is extra special.”
Open seven days a week, 365 days a year, the #1 Indian and Pakistani restaurant in the country is right here in our backyard. Check it out today!

Aga’s Restaurant and Catering
11842 Wilcrest Drive
Houston, TX 77031

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