Two Bathrooms in Three Weeks

When Cindy and John were ready to update their master bathroom and hall bathroom, they scoured the area for designers. John says, “This house is more than 40 years old. We wanted to make radical changes. In the master bathroom, we wanted to knock down a wall, move a door, replace the shower with a walk-in shower, and rearrange the location of the counter and sinks. We visited every place we could find and even checked the phonebook. We found a lot of contractors, but no designers. We had read about Teri Gilberg (better known as The Re-Modelista) in UpClose magazine and several flyers. Teri offers the services of designer Louise Ostrander as part of her projects, so we gave her a call.”

“Teri is very enthusiastic about what she does,” continues Cindy. “She was able to answer all of our questions immediately. For every request, the answer was, ‘No problem, we’ll take care of that.’ We saw Louise three times. On the first visit, we discussed colors and different designs. Then Louise accompanied us to the store to pick out samples. We called on Louise one more time to discuss mirror design and placement, and the placement of one cabinet. She did a great job.”

John says, “When you do a big remodeling project, things change. Teri had a supervisor on-site, and she also visited each day. We always had someone to talk to and clarify things. After the barn doors were up on the closet, we thought we’d like to add mirrors to the front and back. We suggested it to Teri, and she took care of it. She measured and had a mirror guy bring the mirrors out and install them. Her crew is spectacular. They didn’t bother us, they were polite, and they got the job done. The craftsmen were terrific, especially the tile guy. They were open to questions, and also asked us questions and made suggestions. If we didn’t like something, it was changed with no argument. Teri’s crews did exactly what we asked and more. They were very adaptable and made sure everything was done the right way. They were perfect.”

Teri’s estimate for the project was five weeks. “We were going on vacation, so this wasn’t going to work for us,” explains Cindy. “Teri had a solution. They did both bathrooms simultaneously. Teri also asked if they could work the weekend, and we gladly did that to finish the job. Everything was finished in just three weeks. We are very happy with the finished product. We were sorry we had to immediately go on vacation and haven’t had a chance to enjoy the new bathrooms!”

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