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Paul Barnett understands how fast, reliable internet service can enhance your life. Past-owner of two busy companies and current treasurer/past-president of the Exchange Club of Sugar Land, a service organization that manages multiple activities every week, Paul needs immediate access to his data, not lagging connection times and outages.
“I had cable and telephone company internet in the past. They were both spotty in connectivity. I even had both services at once, so I would always have a backup. But I’ve experienced both services going out at exactly the same time,” Paul says.
Paul was looking for something faster and more reliable. He’d read about fiber and was waiting for it to be available in Sugar Land. “It was frustrating that we never had much of a choice before now. I was just waiting until Ezee Fiber was offered in our area,” he explains. “When Ezee Fiber launched in my neighborhood about six months ago, I signed up right away. We’ve been happy with it – it’s so fast and reliable.”
Fiber internet uses thin strands of glass to transmit data via light signals. Fiber is much faster than the traditional metal wired-based methods.
“I use it for everything – streaming, phones, cameras, alarms,” Paul continues. “It’s noticeably faster and we haven’t experienced any outages.”
Paul needs reliable and fast connectivity every day. In addition to his Exchange Club responsibilities of the past 21 years, he has his pilot’s license, which he uses to transport stray animals to other locations for adoptions. “Texas is ground zero for strays, with a million and a half on the streets here. Through my association with Pilots N Paws, we fly pets to other locations to find homes,” Paul explains. “My biggest load was 14-15 puppies and my longest trip was to Iowa. These pets typically find homes in a week or two once we get them out of Texas.”
Paul and his wife Jonee also have frequent visitors, mostly family. “During a visit from my nephew, we learned how big of a gamer he is… he used one terabyte of data while he was here,” Paul says. “Ezee Fiber could definitely handle that load better than what we were using, and for a reasonable price.”
Because residential customers have varying needs, Ezee Fiber offers 1 Gig, 2 Gig, 5 Gig, and 8 Gig plans with transparent, contract-free pricing that is locked in for life.
“The pricing structure is fair, especially when you don’t have an annual increase. I would definitely recommend Ezee Fiber to friends and colleagues – I’ve been really happy with it,” Paul concludes.
Ezee Fiber, based in Houston, has been supplying fiber solutions for Texas businesses for 30 years to provide emergency services, government facilities, school districts, and medical facilities with faster, more reliable internet service. They are excited to extend this premium service to residential homes.
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