The Season of New Beginnings

It’s been one year since most of us really started to feel the effects of the global pandemic. Last month, we endured one of the harshest arctic events ever to hit Fort Bend County. It’s time for spring…the season of new beginnings. Are you ready for a new beginning? I think we all are!

Brian Jackson, owner of local Jackson Air and Heat, says, “This year more than ever, we are looking forward to a fresh start. Soon, the grass will be growing again, and flowers will be blooming…which brings pollen, heat, and humidity. We’ve learned a very important lesson over the past year: IAQ (indoor air quality) is important. Did you know that you have control over the IAQ in your home? Available IAQ products include ultra violet (UV) lights, media filters, Air Scrubbers, and the Trane CleanEffects whole house filtration system. These products remove allergens, dust, and viruses…making the air in your home cleaner, healthier, and easier to breath.”

But what kind of system do I need for the best IAQ? “These IAQ products work best with Trane’s XV variable speed systems,” continues Brian. “Trane was the first in the industry to apply variable speed technology to residential air conditioning. What this means is no more sudden starts and stops at full speed. The variable speed compressor knows exactly when to vary the operating speed as the outdoor temperature changes. Since these systems run longer at a lower speed, when paired with an IAQ product they spend more time cleaning the air in your home. You’ll also experience reduced energy bills with a Trane XV variable speed system.”

With spring at our doorstep, summer temperatures are inevitably on the way. Brian says, “Here at Jackson Air and Heat, we partnered with Trane because they are the best systems on the market. They’re made right here in Tyler, TX by people who understand our Texas weather. If it is time to upgrade your system, or you’re interested in a new Trane XV variable speed system with IAQ products, 0% financing and instant rebates are currently available.”

Jackson Air and Heat also reminds everyone to schedule their biannual A/C tune-up before the real heat hits. “Happy spring and new beginnings to all,” says Brian. “Please call us when you need us.”

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