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Delmie DePuma-Aparicio, owner of local True Recovery Lymphatic Massage, has been studying and doing lymphatic drainage therapy for over 20 years. She says, “Research has shown that the lymphatic system is the key factor in longevity, disease prevention, and living a healthy and vital life. Yet, neither the research community nor the medical community (and certainly not the public!) know much about it.”

Our lymphatic system is the “Secret River of Health.” It operates daily in our bodies–virtually unnoticed–working closely with our immune system. Human beings have 600-700 lymph nodes spread throughout the body. Most of them are in the area of our intestines (abdominal area), our neck and head, inguinal (groin), and axillary (arm pits). Lymphatics is where our daily “life and health” battles are won or lost. If the body is compromised in any way, due to trauma, disease, stress, or surgery of any kind, our lymphatic system slows down and does not work smoothly and properly. The body is not getting the vital lymph fluid it needs to heal itself.

How can one improve lymphatic flow in the body? “Unlike the circulatory system, the lymph does not have a pump,” explains Delmie. “It relies on muscle movement to move fluid. This is where lymphatic massages can impact one’s health, wellness, and longevity. Unlike regular massages that focus on the muscles, lymphatic drainage massage therapy uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to encourage lymph drainage and flow. Lymphatic massages help get the lymph flowing to a healthier state and improve the body’s ability to fight injury, infection and disease. By improving lymphatic flow, your body is better able to clear out waste products, toxins, and clean up the dysfunction that causes injury, imbalance, inflammation, and disease. A healthy lymphatic system has a role in preventing and decreasing not only cancer, but heart disease, brain problems, gastrointestinal issues, and much more.”

“Lymphatic massage for longevity and well-being is becoming the therapy the public is needing for healing and long life,” says Delmie. “The first step is to schedule a consultation. Together we’ll develop a customized treatment plan that maximizes your body’s ability to heal. I can’t wait to meet you!”

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