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urb-retreat-9030wproductAt Urban Retreat in River Oaks, Saira Ali, Owner and President, created a 8000 square foot destination for products, services, and a level of luxury you won’t find anywhere else. She says, “When I launched my new makeup line, called L’Vere from the root word…TRUE, it inspired our tagline: Reveal Your True Beauty. Every woman possesses an essence of true beauty, within and without. I believe we should all live in such a way that we bring forth the true beauty of those around us. That’s my personal philosophy and what we strive for at Urban Retreat.”

“From the time I was a little girl, my mom taught me the importance of taking care of our skin, hair, and nails. I use everything my service providers recommend with confidence, because we are very selective. We choose only brands that resonate with the image makers and trendsetters, ones regularly featured in Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue. There is no need to go to New York, LA or even Paris . . . Urban Retreat has the best of the best in luxury products. I am addicted to our Societe Clinical Skincare; our Kneipp Naturopathic Body products and SpaRitual’s Slow Beauty Nail Products and I adore our Kerastase and our Rene Furterer Paris Hair products. Once you experience results-driven luxury, nothing else will do!”

Denise Byrnes, product development officer and co-founder of Société Clinical Skincare, says, “Société Clinical Skincare is available only through licensed professionals and uses a customized approach to treat skin types including hyperpigmentation, acne-prone, hypersensitive and aging skin. We incorporate high quality ingredients into our innovative formulations to ensure the best possible outcomes. We pride ourselves on putting the professional in control of patient results, because ‘self-treatment/self-diagnosis’ oftentimes reaps lackluster results. In addition, all of our products are free of parabens, propelyne glycol and sodium laurel sulfate.”

One of Saira’s favorites is iComplete, by Société Clinical Skincare, which provides similar results to popular muscle-relaxing injections (and can enhance and prolong injection results) in an easy-to-use two-step system that incorporates “neuro-toxin-like” peptides to reduce repetitive muscle movements, leaving skin hydrated and plump. You’ll notice results immediately, but the real “WOW” comes the longer-lasting effects over time.

Urban Retreat does have a stellar reputation as a spa with amazing results-driven treatments that has been setting trends for 25 years. Under one roof you can also find nineteen of Houston’s most sought-after stylists. Saira says, “Several of our stylists participate in New York Fashion week and bring that experience back into our salon…it keeps us at the top of our game!”

Treat mom to an Urban Retreat Spa Package or gift basket…she deserves it!

Urban Retreat
2034-A West Greay
Houston, TX 77019


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