A Proven Solution to Heel Pain

Anyone who suffers from heel pain knows how miserable it can be. There have even been studies showing a possible causal relationship between depression and chronic pain in this part of the body. It is a condition people frequently describe as “debilitating.”

Your heel pain could be caused by a number of issues like bursitis, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs…but there’s one place to find the right diagnosis and treatment! Dr. Vargas of Foot & Ankle Associates has made it his life’s mission not just to alleviate foot, ankle and heel pain, but to fix the underlying causes. “The body works on a continuum,” Dr. Vargas explains. “A misalignment is caused by an inward rotation of the hindfoot, which occurs when the heel bone and the ankle bone slip out of alignment. Aside from heel pain, this misalignment can also affect other parts of the body and cause knee issues, hip issues and back issues. If the foundation is faulty, the whole body is vulnerable to ligament and tendon tears along with a host of related ailments. Medication, injections and over the counter shoe inserts usually only offer partial or temporary pain relief, because they don’t address the underlying problem…the structure and function of the foot itself.”

With Hyprocure, you can enjoy a real and permanent solution to faulty foot mechanics. The minimally-invasive procedure is quite simple: a small stent is placed inside a naturally-occurring space between the ankle and heel bones. End result? Your quality of life is beautifully restored to you. Dr. Vargas says, “The HyProCure is a stent placed in the foot like an ‘implantable orthotic,’ to help improve foot biomechanics or function and eliminate the need for orthotics. The procedure takes less than ten minutes, is completely reversible and has been performed on patients of all ages, from children to adults…and all activity levels including long distance runners, basketball players, ballerinas and more!”

“Published studies around the world bear out the same fantastic results that my patients are experiencing for themselves,” says Dr. Vargas. “There is no need to suffer. Come see us and feel like yourself again.”

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