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Debra Waterman’s Story

Sugar Land Face & Body Plastic Surgery and Med SpaI’d had breast reduction surgery that went really, really badly,” says Debra Waterman. “My doctor tried to fix it three times…including putting in implants to make things look right. Still, my left breast was all the way to the side. You would have to see it to believe it. I really didn’t think it could ever be fixed.”

When Debra moved to Texas, she decided to give it one last shot. “I looked up doctors and randomly picked Dr. Eric Humble,” says Debra. “But the minute I walked in the door, I knew I had found the right place. Everyone in the office was extremely caring…it was an amazing feeling, absolutely fantastic. Dr. Humble spent a tremendous amount of time with me talking about my situation. He was completely honest, and explained my options. He told what to expect with each option and explained how the results would look. I really didn’t want the implants…one had gotten really hard, and Dr. Humble explained that once that happens, it generally happens again with a new implant.”

Together with Dr. Humble, Debra decided to remove the implants and do a breast lift. “The end result would be smaller,” says Debra, “but I really needed this to be it. I did not want to go through another surgery.”

“The thing about Dr. Humble,” continues Debra, “is that he truly cares about you and your results. That’s a rare find in a doctor these days. He calls personally to check in, and gives you his cell number in case you need anything. That is really, really comforting. My follow-up fell on Thanksgiving Day and he met me–on the holiday–at his office. His interest is absolutely in what’s best for you. And my results…perfect! I couldn’t be happier! After three bad surgeries, I’m still in shock at the kind of care and results I experienced with Dr. Humble and everyone at Sugar Land Face & Body. I’m looking into some of the other services he provides and I’m a firm believer that no one should have surgery without him!”

Board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Humble says, “Feeling at peace about your appearance is one of the keys to self-confidence. No one should have to live with a perceived ‘deficiency,’ especially one caused by a surgery gone horribly wrong. When you come into my office, your comfort both physically and mentally is of the utmost importance to me. And just as I did with Debra, I’ll be completely honest with you about your possibilities, making sure you understand your options and the expected results before we ever go to surgery. As a plastic surgeon, my reward is bringing out your self-confidence and love of life. How can I help you?”

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