A Ten Day Celebration!

Soto's KitchenOn May 5th, people all over the United States raise a margarita in honor of Cinco De Mayo, the celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. But here in Fort Bend County, we can have the whole enchilada. At Soto’s Kitchen you’ll find the flavors and aromas of Old Mexico with a personal twist!
Amador Soto says, “My family comes from Central Mexico, a region that lies between the lush rainforests and the arid deserts. My brothers and I grew up in mom’s kitchen, learning the food my family has prepared for generations. At Soto’s Kitchen, we created a cuisine you could call ‘Mexican Fusion’ by drawing from our ancient culinary Mexican traditions passed on for generations…and adding our own modern flair!”
Stunningly plated, the vivid colors and attention to detail of Soto’s delicacies will take your breath away. But wait till you take a bite! Customer favorite Cactus Steak…a 10oz marinated steak topped with sautéed cactus, grilled onions, tomatoes, serrano peppers, chipotle sauce and queso fresco…excites your taste buds with the flavor of the arid lands of Mexico where cactus line the landscape. Traditional favorites like Steak Ranchero and Mole Chicken dazzle with the Soto Brother’s fresh-made secret sauces and ingredients. Amador says, “We have a great team of talented and creative people. We take great pride in building layers of flavor and finishing with the perfect garnish. Every dish we serve is a masterpiece built with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients!”
And since it’s May, Soto’s Kitchen is having a week-long party! Amador says, “We kick off May with Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day, two celebrations special to our hearts. We get to celebrate our Mexican heritage and our mother and grandmother who gave us the gift of cooking fabulous food…all in the same week! Join us May 1st through 10th for a ten day celebration of our moms and our heritage. With great food and drink specials all week long it’s a party you won’t want to miss!”
From everyone at Soto’s Kitchen, “Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Mother’s Day!”
Sotos KitchenSoto’s Kitchen
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Soto's Kitchen

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