An ALL-VEGAN Restaurant That’s Close to Home

Jaime and Roozi Avokhani met while working at a Galleria-area luxury hotel. Jaime says, “In 2014, we made the decision to go vegan for the animals. After the transition, we felt that our best form of activism would be to open a 100% vegan restaurant.”

In 2018, the couple started doing occasional pop-up events around Houston. “We did breweries and farmer’s markets, offering grab-n-go sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas.” The pop-ups were doing well, but the plan was always to launch a full-service, all-vegan restaurant. “In 2020, we were pregnant with our daughter Rosha and looking for a new place to set down roots. A friend suggested Sugar Land. It turned out to be the perfect spot to start our family and open our restaurant. Pythagoras is the only all-vegan restaurant in Sugar Land.”

Pythagoras finally opened their doors in January of 2022, after a year-long renovation. The freeze that hit Houston in February of 2021 severely set back the open date and impacted the work that had to be done. Jaime and Roozi expanded the kitchen and completely redid the bar in the process.

What will you find at Pythagoras? “We like to put a vegan twist on the normal stuff people eat,” explains Jaime. “Roozi was born and raised in Iran. Growing up, his favorite dish was kabob koobideh. We knew we wanted to create a vegan version of this classic kabob. In addition to the kabobs, our pizzas are on the menu, as well as wings, gyros, and appetizers like fried cauliflower and fried mushrooms. We are growing the menu monthly. Burgers and tacos will be landing soon.”

The 100% vegan fully stocked bar at Pythagoras is amazing. Jaime and her dad made the epoxy resin bartop themselves, and UFO pendant lights are a cool nod to Roozi’s alien obsession and the restaurant’s space theme. Happy Hour prices include $2 off cocktails, $1 off bottles, and $3 drafts.

Brought up in the hospitality industry, providing quality food, quality service, and a quality experience are all very important to Jaime and Roozi. “We care about you, the animals, and mother earth,” says Jaime. “Even if you’re not vegan, I encourage you to join us at Pythagoras on our conscious food journey. We hear the words, ‘This really isn’t meat?’ all the time. We can’t wait to introduce you to our food…one of us is always here!”

Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy
14019 Southwest Freeway, Suite 101
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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