FREE Teleconference: The Personal Story of Becca Shrier Presented by MentorCONNECT

When asked, people who have experienced long-term recovery from an eating disorder are often able to pinpoint a moment, situation, or suggestion that shifted their focus away from daily struggle and towards daily recovery.

But this was not the case for Becca Shrier. Rather, her shift happened more gradually through a series of powerful “aha” moments.

On Wednesday August 11th at 8pm CST, MentorCONNECT, the first nonprofit global online eating disorders mentoring community, is pleased to host an evening with Becca Shrier. In this FREE one-hour Teleconference, Becca will share the remarkable story behind her full recovery from an eating disorder.

Becca’s amazing narrative began four years ago when she was in a chaotic living arrangement and working at a job that was more of a nightmare than a dream. Excessive work hours were constant. Bills were piling up. Roommate issues caused sleepless nights and required her to lock up her personal belongings. During that time Becca did all she could to “manage” the eating disorder thoughts and behaviors she had already worked hard to overcome. Little did she know these home and work roadblocks were the very things that kept her from the kind of full-fledged recovery she had long desired.

Then, in a window of just six months, the whispers of truth Becca needed to hear got louder and louder until she finally found the courage to step up and make two profoundly difficult yet important decisions: she moved out and she found a new job. Today she is confident these are the specific milestone decisions that served as her springboard from a partial recovery to a full recovery.

During this hour-long FREE Teleconference, Becca will share with listeners why she believes the challenging situations she once faced were clear demonstrations of two key truths: she wanted more for herself and she deserved more for herself. Today, she refuses to be a victim of circumstance ever again.

Becca’s inspirational message about accepting life’s hard truths, learning how to become your own best advocate, and finding the courage to respond to those tiny whispers of hope, will showcase how important daily sustained effort is to achieving full recovery at last.

If you or someone you love is stuck in the struggle of an eating disorder, feeling unheard, unimportant, or a victim of circumstance, this teleconference is especially for you.

Please join us for this FREE event by clicking this link to sign up:

More about Becca Shrier:

Becca Shrier is the IT Director for MentorCONNECT. As a versatile writer, web designer, and digital media expert, Becca has provided technical support for individuals, small businesses, and corporations since 2003. With her passion for service, Becca uses her technical know-how, customer service skills, and empathy to provide a premium level of support, allowing her clients to focus on the work they do without being bogged down by technical difficulties. She channels her energy into creative pursuits, primarily writing, music, and art. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her two cats, Hayley and Comet.

More about MentorCONNECT

MentorCONNECT, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is the first global eating disorders mentoring community. MentorCONNECT membership is always free and includes access to a password protected, moderated, PRO-recovery support community with live weekly chat-based support groups, monthly teleconferences with recovery experts, the opportunity to participate in a variety of themed support groups, a personal recovery blog for each member, and much more. To volunteer your services as a caring mentor, be matched with a mentor, or find general support for eating disorders recovery, visit

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