Only the Best Could Help Her: Mary Joyce Cranford’s story

Over the course of three years Mary Joyce Cranford had been to three different dentists in North Carolina and Georgia. After she and her husband moved out here to the Houston Area, she had some work done by another dentist in Houston. Joyce says, “When that dental work failed, I didn’t know where to turn. I actually found Dr. Cook in the phone book, but I was skeptical when she told me she could fix my smile. After $75,000, bone grafts, failed implants, a life-threatening infection, and repeated failures by dentist after dentist… I didn’t know how to trust her. Dr Cook was very gentle and understanding. Dr. Cook reassured me that we didn’t have to take any drastic measures and that we would always work within my comfort level. She was honest about the difficulties… and that convinced me she was a dentist I could trust!”

The challenges Dr. Cook faced weren’t as simple as taking out Joyce’s old work and replacing it with new. Joyce had one bridge on top to replace her upper arch, anchored to implants that were failing on one side. Unfortunately, her previous dentist provided the wrong information about what kind of implants had been used. Dr. Cook says, “We started by removing the failed implants. Then we decided to use as much of her existing work as possible. I knew that emotionally and physically, Joyce needed the least invasive solution possible. After grafting the sites of the failed implants, I fabricated a special denture that attaches to Joyce’s existing implants. After her procedure I gave her a mirror to see the final results, but she was still groggy from the sedation. She said, “I’m soo preetttty!” and I knew that was a good first impression!”

Joyce says, “I love that my new teeth are light, strong, and easy to clean. My favorite part was getting the exact shade I wanted…a “Chicklet White” One of my previous dentists wouldn’t let me pick my own shade and insisted on a dingy yellowed color for a permanent partial. When I told him I didn’t like it, he said, “Well, you’re stuck with it.” Dr. Cook respected my opinion. In fact, she agreed that with my fair coloring a white smile looks natural and beautiful!”

“Not only that, but when Dr Cook was building up my lower teeth, she gave me my “perfect bite.” Now I don’t have neck pain…and the shape of my face has filled out so that I even look younger!” Dr. Cook explains, “During the years of her previous dental treatment, Joyce had “lost” her ideal bite. I determined her ideal neuromuscular bite, and restored Joyce’s bite with new crowns.”

When you find the right dentist, you want the world to know! Joyce says, “Dr. Cook has so many awards, certifications, and specialized memberships and she does every kind of dentistry from TMD, to implants, to braces, to total mouth reconstructions. If you could have the best like Dr. Cook, why would you go anywhere else? My husband has great teeth, but I’ve brought him to her for a checkup. Finding Dr. Cook was truly divine intervention. She helped me when no one else could!”


Zahra Cook, DMD Advanced Cosmetic Dentist


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