Bugs and Rodents: No! Bees and Mudbugs: Yes!

Bee Unique has been a Rosenberg establishment for nearly 40 years. Two years ago, business partners Sean Foley and Karen Obmaces bought the business, revamped it, and moved it across the street. One unexpected find: the original building was infested with mice. Sean says, “I grew up with Chris Millward at BUGCO Pest Control. Chris had been doing pest control for my parents for years, so I called him to look at the problem. He took care of it.”

Sean and his wife contacted BUGCO again for a termite inspection before they purchased their home. “The team was extremely knowledgeable,” says Sean. “They were able to determine from holes in the deck and stickers left by a pest company that the house had been treated for termites before and what had been done. After living in the home awhile, we discovered a mouse in the kitchen. We back up to a creek, so it wasn’t unexpected. But I also wasn’t sure what to do that was safe for my dogs and my daughter…so I called on BUGCO again. Today, we’re on their quarterly maintenance plan. They always call or text to schedule a good time to be at the house. These crews are presentable, reliable and extremely responsive. I recommend no one but BUGCO.”

Locally-owned and operated by Chris Millward and John Onofrey, BUGCO provides treatment options for general pest control, roaches, termites, fire ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and rodents both commercially and residentially. With summer almost here, BUGCO also has strategies for controlling mosquitoes, including installation and maintenance of mosquito misting systems, In2Care mosquito traps, and truck and backpack fogging.

When the BUGCO crews arrive at your house, they’ll be wearing shirts and hats specially made by Bee Unique. “Apparel is our specialty,” says Sean. “Embroider, screenprint, direct-to-garment and sublimation. We have a 12 shirt minimum on screenprint, and absolutely no minimum on the others. Want a picture of your dog on a shirt? We can do that! We also embroider outside items.” At Bee Unique’s shop, you’ll be greeted by Turtle—Sean’s English bulldog who’s sometimes disguised as a bumblebee. Sean says, “The only bugs Turtle likes are bees and mudbugs! We started a little crawfish cookoff several years ago together with Tanks Paintball, and man has it grown. Join us on April 4th to taste some of the best mudbugs around!”

Learn more about Bee Unique at www.beeuniquellc.com.

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