Taken Care Of After A Fender Bender

Back in May, Sugar Land City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Naushad Kermally and his wife Narmin were in Dallas, where their youngest son Aaron attends SMU.

Naushad says, “We had thought about letting Aaron drive home alone at the end of the semester, but he’d never driven that far before. It just worked out that Narmin and I happened to be in the Dallas area and could make the drive with him. We had lunch in Dallas, and then headed out. Aaron drove the first couple of hours, and I coached him. After a stop at Buc-ee’s in Madisonville, we switched. I started driving. We were just north of the Woodlands when the car in front of me braked hard. I rear-ended the car. It was a fender bender, and we pulled over. The other car had little damage, and our car seemed ok. There was a lot of traffic, so we exchanged information and were on our way. My family and I were on the Grand Parkway when our car started to smoke and a light came on…not good. We pulled over in Spring and called for assistance.”

In the accident, Narmin was in the backseat and Aaron was in the passenger seat. All three members of the Kermally family started to realize they were feeling the effects from the jarring of the accident. “It just did not feel right,” explains Naushad. “So I texted Dr. Shannon Orsak.”

Dr. Orsak is the owner and founder of local St. Michael’s Elite Hospital. “Dr. Orsak told us to come by as soon as possible,” continues Naushad. “We didn’t really expect anything to be wrong, but we knew it was always good to get checked out. Narmin and Aaron were able to go when we got back to Sugar Land, and I went the following morning. We were all greeted immediately and taken back quickly to complete the paperwork in an examination room. The nurse came in to do her stuff, and the doctor arrived quickly. Narmin, Aaron, and I were all relieved to learn we were all fine, and we really appreciated the professionalism and quickness at St. Michael’s. In the following days, each of us received a phone call from the doctor that examined us. I found that interesting…that the follow-up came directly from the doctor, and all three of us received a personalized call. We are so lucky to have this great facility right here at Hwy 6 and US 59. If you’re injured or hurt, visit St. Michael’s Elite Hospital. You will be well taken care of.”

St. Michael’s Elie Hospital
16000 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6), Sugar Land, TX 77479


St. Michael’s Elite Hospital is a participating provider for Medicare and bills all insurances. Your insurance MUST pay in-network benefits at the ER of YOUR CHOICE whether the emergency room you choose is “in-network” or “out-of-network.”

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