Caring For the Community

Caring for the Community

The families of Fort Bend turn to St. Michael’s Emergency Room in times of trouble, but St. Michael’s also goes out into the community to make a positive difference.

Co-founded by brothers Brian and Shannon Orsak, St. Michael’s offers all the amenities of a traditional ER and VIP treatment for every patient! You don’t need a special card or a secret password. All St. Michael’s patients enjoy a luxurious waiting room…even though there’s usually little to no wait at all! Extra thoughtful touches include designated pediatric waiting rooms, an on-site radiology department and an on-site lab…so you don’t have to wait for your diagnosis and confirmation. Throughout your visit you’ll enjoy quality treatment and services from board-certified emergency physicians and specialty-trained nurses. Not only will you see those friendly faces at St. Michael’s…you’ll see them around town, too!

Why do you see St. Michael’s in so many places? Dr. Shannon Orsak says, “We live and work in this community. Our kids go to school and play sports with your kids. You’re more than our patients, you are our friends and neighbors. We believe in getting out into the world and working for a healthier future, because together we can make a difference!”

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