Chronic Back Pain Relief and Sideways Hugs

Sugar Land Health CenterLoretta Henry has been experiencing back issues since she was 28 years old. “I jumped from doctor to doctor,” says Loretta. “When one couldn’t find anything wrong, I’d look elsewhere for answers. After ten years of living with the pain, one doctor suggested neck surgery. I found temporary relief, but five years later something changed and extreme pain was back in my arm and neck. In 2010 I underwent another surgery.”

But in 2013, Loretta was still experiencing pain, so she retired…quit her job. “I thought by not sitting at a desk and getting some rest, I would get better. I was wrong, the symptoms got worse. My knees hurt badly…I had no balance and walked deliberately while holding on to walls. I had pain in my extremities. I can tolerate a lot of pain, but I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally. I continued to live that way, but three months ago something changed again. This time it was my lower back and the pain was going down my right leg, and I was also experiencing cramping in that leg. An MRI revealed disc degeneration and sciatica, and my doctor suggested I see a neurologist…but I knew that probably meant a third surgery. I could see the pattern…surgery every five years. I’ve heard how painful it is to recover from lower back surgery, and I was tired of pain.”

Determined to not go through another surgery, Loretta looked up chiropractors covered by her insurance. She discovered Dr. Steve Harris at Sugar Land Health Center right down the street from her. “I prayed and prayed that this was the answer,” says Loretta. “Dr. Harris looked at my MRI and reports and did some x-rays of his own. My whole back was out of alignment. Dr. Harris put together a treatment plan for me. I put all my faith in that plan. I really needed it to work.”

“One thing I really appreciate is the professionalism of Dr. Harris’ entire staff. The office runs smoothly…everyone’s cooperation is impressive. And Dr. Harris just reminds me of a sweet grandpa. I call him ‘Sideways Hugs’ because anytime you’re standing in his ‘hugging zone’ he puts his arm around you and gives the most genuine hug from the side. He is truly a doctor that cares about his patients.”

Today, Loretta is at the end of her treatment plan. “On a scale of 0-10,” says Loretta, “my pain is a 0 to 1 most of the time. I just feel a whole lot better! HAD I GONE TO DR. HARRIS YEARS AGO, I COULD HAVE SAVED MYSELF A LOT OF PAIN, AND I WOULD PROBABLY STILL BE WORKING. I just hold Dr. Harris in the highest regard. I prayed so hard for this kind of relief, and I’m thankful to finally be getting it!”

Sugar Land Health Center
3425 Highway 6, Suite 101, Sugar Land, TX 77478
(behind McDonalds)


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