Close To Home & Caring Makes All the Difference

Close To Home & Caring Makes All the Difference…

When you need medical care, you need the other kind of caring, too…the kind that warms your heart and lifts your spirits. “That’s what really sets our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and support personnel apart,” says Bindu Varghese, Director of Therapy Operations at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Sugar Land. “We all share a passion for caring for others!”

Eileen, a “graduate” of HealthSouth says, “I wanted to write you personally to let you know how pleased I was with my stay at this facility. I had previously visited friends who were there, but this time got to be a patient myself. I had bilateral, partial knee replacement on July 12. It is very comforting and encouraging to attend a rehabilitation facility that is close to home, as it is easy for family and friends to visit, and that is good for the patient’s morale. It also makes one feel that they are just one step closer to being home.”

“Without exception, I had wonderful care, from my nurses and techs, OT and PT personnel, to the doctors overseeing my care. Even the jani­tors were friendly and helpful! The nurses and techs were very patient with me during the first few days when it was so painful for me to lower my legs to transfer to the wheelchair. I thanked them daily, but that does not adequately express how much I appreciated their kindness and empathy, and the gentle way they handled my very painful legs. I feel that I would not be as far as I am now, a month post surgery, if I had not had the training at your facility.”

“All of the techniques I learned were very helpful when I got home and was on my own. I am a widow and live alone, and while my son and a friend stayed with me the first few nights home, I was able to take care of myself the rest of the time. The arrangements by the social worker for my tran­sition home went smoothly. Thank you for the high caliber of staff that you employ, and your commitment to your patients’ needs. We are really blessed to have a rehabilitation facility of this caliber in our own backyard!”

HealthSouth Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital
1325 Highway 6
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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