Customized Medications for Thyroid
and Diabetic Patients

Endocrinologist Dr. Shreya Parikh founded Sugar Land Endocrine and Thyroid on a philosophy of patient empowerment. Dr. Parikh says, “We treat all endocrinologic disorders. When you are a patient here, we don’t want you to feel helpless, as if the disease controls you. We want you to feel empowered and in control of your own health.”

One of Dr. Parikh’s partners in this mission is locally owned Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy. At Campbell’s, pharmacists mix (compound) medications using individual ingredients prescribed by the practitioner and required by the patient. “I’ve been sending patients to Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy for more than 10 years,” says Dr. Parikh. “Sometimes, my thyroid patients struggle with hormone replacement…it’s hard to get the right strength and dosage. At Campbell’s, I can work together with the pharmacist to get the proper dosage for the patient.”

“For my diabetic patients,” continues Dr. Parikh, “I often have Campbell’s compound topical creams for neuropathy. The staff at Campbell’s makes everything so easy. They communicate with me, and they communicate with the patient regarding cost, medication counseling…whatever is needed. I can easily call in refills, and Campbell’s will even mail medications to patients for free. They’re really good!”

In addition to customized, compounded medications, Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy also carries all commercially available medications. They accept and bill insurance, and can even compound medicines in flavors and forms that kids love. Founder, Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm.D., R.Ph, says, “When you walk through our doors, this isn’t a take-a-number then a wait-in-line kind of place. We want to get to know you and your doctor. Medication should never be one size fits all!”

At Sugar Land Endocrine and Thyroid, Dr. Parikh and her team of experts tailor patient care through a combination of education, medication, diet, cutting-edge therapy, and a state-of-the-art medical record system. Dr. Parikh says, “This profession is a highly personal one. I like to be available to my patients for all of their medical concerns. I have a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator on staff to ensure each patient is getting the care they need…and I also enjoy really getting to know each of my patients as people!”

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