The Doctor a Nurse calls “Miracle Man”

Elizabeth Su has been a nurse since 1977 and spends long hours on her feet. She says, “My veins have always been a little distended. Two years ago my doctor sent me to Dr. Baltazar for a checkup. He did my ultrasound himself and told me that no treatment was necessary at that time, but to call him if my legs started to ache or if I had any pain. I really appreciated his careful attention.”

“Over time, my veins did get worse, but I didn’t see a specialist until I developed a venous ulceration. I saw a dermatologist for wound care, but Dr. Baltazar treated my vascular problems and he did an amazing job. I was worried that there’d be a big surgery, but he just made a very simple little incision. That was in May, and now I’m over ninety percent healed up. I told him he’d done a miraculous job on my leg and that he was a “miracle man.” He said, “No, no, that’s just my job.” He’s so humble and so professional…just the nicest man.”

“I’ve known so many doctors over the years I’ve been a nurse…and I’ve never met one like Dr. Baltazar. I work downtown, so I didn’t know him before I became his patient…but he’s incredible. It’s very rare to find someone so skilled and with such an empathetic heart. He could tell how nervous I was, and he made me feel calm. He’s so sensitive, patient and soothing. He tells you the truth in plain language, but he does it in a way that’s very comforting. Sonia and Kelsey in his office are also really nice. They always seem so happy to see you and put you at ease.”

“Dr. Baltazar is the best doctor I’ve met in my lifetime. He’s so knowledgeable and caring. He’s the only doctor I’d see for my veins and I totally recommend him!”

Board-certified Vascular Surgeon Dr. Ulises Baltazar says, “Venous ulcers affect 500,000 to 600,000 people in the United States every year and account for 80 to 90 percent of all leg ulcers. Anyone in a profession with lots of time standing or long hours sitting in one place (nurses like Elizabeth, teachers, police, desk workers) can be prone to varicose veins, but age, family history, obesity, and other factors play a part. Varicose veins aren’t just a cosmetic issue, they’re a vascular health issue…and can lead to venous diseases like deep venous thrombosis and venous stasis ulcers. I offer a range of treatments for your varicose veins, so we can choose the one that’s most appropriate for you. My professional success is based upon the quality of care I offer each and every patient…not the quantity of veins I treat. Providing excellent care to each and every patient is my personal pleasure!”

Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS
now affiliated with the renowned Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates
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