“Dr. Arnold has given me my sight back.”

Today's Vision Sugar LandBack in 2000, Compressor Engineering Corporation President Richard Hotze had LASIK surgery. “It should have never been done,” says Richard. “That year, I had LASIK twice and radial keratotomy surgery once. At the end of the ordeal, my eyes were screwed up so bad I was wearing a soft contact piggybacked with a hard contact plus glasses just to be able to see.”

“I did this for more than 15 years. I lost multiple contacts over that time, and experienced recurring eye infections. About every three months, I had to go blind with red eyes for days to clear up the infection. My ophthalmologist told me I needed to see this guy out in Sugar Land…that he was my best bet. I sat on that information for three years until I finally acted on it and scheduled an appointment.”

The guy out in Sugar Land is Dr. Tom Arnold at Today’s Vision. Dr. Arnold is one of very few doctors in Texas who fits custom scleral contact lenses—large-diameter gas permeable lenses specially designed to vault over the entire corneal surface and rest on the “white” of the eye (the sclera). “I got my first set a year ago,” says Richard. “And they’re unbelievable. It’s the most comfortable lens I’ve ever worn in my life. So comfortable, I can wear them for 18 to 20 hours a day easily. I’ve had no eye infections with the scleral lenses, and you can’t lose them…they won’t pop out.”

Six months after being fitted with scleral lenses, Richard discussed his remaining need for reading glasses with Dr. Arnold. “What Richard was experiencing is presbyopia,” says Dr. Arnold. “Presbyopia is when your eyes gradually lose the ability to see things clearly close up. It is a normal part of aging, and it’s why you see so many people over 40 with ‘readers.’ But we can accommodate presbyopia in a multifocal scleral lens.” After receiving his multifocal scleral lenses, Richard threw away all of his reading glasses. “I’m now 20/20 when looking far away or reading my computer screen. I’m 57 years old, and Dr. Arnold has given me my sight back!”

“I feel at home in Dr. Arnold’s office, and he’s a joy to have as a counselor on my vision,” adds Richard. “He’s just delightful. I would send anybody that might be a candidate for scleral lenses to Dr. Arnold.”

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Today's Vision Sugar Land

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