Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire

“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” William Butler Yeats

Does embarking on a new school year fill your child with excitement or anxiety? If last year was a struggle, make this year a grand adventure. At the Kn.I.L.E. Center, students can build their brain power after school in the award-winning EduCoachNow program or take the plunge into a different kind of school in the award-winning Kn.I.L.E Prep Academy. Betsy de Vega, Learning Specialist and founder of the Kn.I.L.E. Center says, “We’re starting our own new adventure…WE ARE MOVING! We’re thrilled to have a new home inside the Kid’s Resort, including a gym and the space to accommodate our amazing growth.”

What sets EduCoachNow apart from traditional tutoring programs? Instead of only trying to “fill a child’s head” with information, EduCoachNow goes deeper with one-on-one cognitive training. Betsy says, “We focus on strengthening the critical skills for learning–and we’ve revamped and expanded the areas we address. We create confident students who process information in every subject more effectively. In addition to our main campus, we also have a mobile coaching satellite available in Missouri City. Schedule an in-depth cognitive assessment for your child before the end of August and we’ll offer a 50% discount ($25 value) on this valuable resource.”

¿Hablas español? August 11-14 from 9-noon, students, 6th grade and up, entering Spanish I or II or wanting a refresher or review course can enjoy “Spanish Camp” at the Kn.I.L.E. Center. Call 281-682-4573 to enroll or for further details.
At Kn.I.L.E. Prep, students of all learning abilities––those who are accelerated and those who need extra support––enjoy a state-of-the-art curriculum in a cozy, boutique-style school. Open Enrollment is ongoing for grades 3 through 12, but space is limited…and the first day of school is August 19th!

“John F. Kennedy said that ‘A child miseducated is a child lost.’ Don’t wait until your child is suffering to be proactive. At Kn.I.L.E Center we specialize in educational solutions that will ignite a passion for learning and help every child succeed!

Betsy de Vega
Kn.I.L.E Center, LLC
Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy
(Inside the Kid’s Resort)
5419 Fm 762 Rd
Richmond, TX 77469


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