Imagine Endless Amounts of Hot Water!

When you think of tanks, usually the first image that pops into your head is a heavily armored fighting vehicle or maybe a sleeveless T-shirt. Most people don’t associate that word with tankless water heaters, but once they know what they are—and more importantly, what they can do—everyone’s a believer!
“Tankless water heaters mean endless hot water,” says Master Plumber Luke Burkhalter of Alan’s Plumbing. “Don’t get me wrong—I still love a standard tank. If you want to keep it simple, replace a tank with a tank. We like the ones made by Rheem, and our standard installation includes removing your old equipment and replacing all the parts surrounding it, including the pan, water lines, and gas line.”

“But if you want limitless hot water, a tankless water heater like the 240A Navien is the way to go. It’s the equivalent of replacing two tanks. Think about what this could mean for you and your family. No more getting blasted in the face with cold water when you’re the second one in the shower. And no more busted hot water heaters.”

At Alan’s Plumbing, a standard tankless installation includes a recirculating pump and a descaler filter, which neutralizes that hard-grain water and prevents scale build up, prolonging the life of your pipes. The recirculating pump increases your hot water response time so you don’t have to stand there stewing while you wait for the water to run hot.

“If you want to improve your hot water standards,” continues Luke, “go with a tankless hot water system. It’s endless hot water, you never run out. That means filling your bathtub all the way up without the water going cold. It means back-to-back showers while you’re using the dishwasher.”

Everyone at Alan’s Plumbing is fully licensed to install and maintain all tankless (and tank) water heaters. This dynamic team includes Luke’s dad, owner and Master Plumber Alan Burkhalter. His Uncle Chris is also a master plumber, his brother Beau is journeyman-licensed and studying for his master plumber license, and his brother Jake (recently engaged to Becca Long!) is an apprentice close to his journeyman license. Their mom Jennifer, Luke’s wife Chelsea, and Katie Johnson answer the phones. The addition of journeyman-licensed plumber Jeff Johnson and apprentices Jaime, Trevor and Christian make this the best and most trusted plumbing company in town. “When it comes to anything water-related, we’ve got you covered.”

What Luke doesn’t recommend is attempting to install a hot water system yourself. “This isn’t a do-it-yourself project or a side job,” he says. “A smart consumer is an informed one. We explain everything to our customers and operate along the principles of transparent pricing. So much of our business is word-of-mouth, and that’s the kind of trust that inspires us to give you the best service, best prices, and best products. Give us a call for a free estimate on a tankless water heater switchover.””

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