Recognized for Exceptional Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

During his final week in office, Rick Miller, Texas Representative for District 26, presented St. Michael’s Elite Hospital with a resolution in recognition of the exceptional care the facility has provided to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Michael’s is a licensed hospital offering COVID-19 diagnostic testing, treatment, inpatient hospitalization, and emergency care with short wait times. They’ve assisted in setting up COVID-19 protocols, and have worked with manufacturers to get help out to our community. St. Michael’s founder, Dr. Shannon Orsak, says, “We ran into many challenges, but we were able to overcome those barriers. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital was able to deliver to our community in a time of unprecedented need. We are eternally grateful to those in our community that stepped up to help us acquire the proper PPE to ensure our staff was protected and did not miss a beat. To date, we have administered approximately 32,000 tests for COVID-19. Our hospital has been able to remain a step ahead throughout this pandemic, and did so with the help of donations from various organizations. We were successful in helping the community without any government assistance. I commend my team for a job well done.”

Rick Miller says, “St. Michael’s is the best. Dr. Orsak is a friend, a big community supporter, and he gets things done. I’m honored to thank Dr. Orsak and St. Michael’s for their service. As the resolution states, St. Michael’s has ‘worked to ensure the continued health and well-being of area residents during a global health crisis, and its physicians and staff are indeed deserving of recognition for their many contributions…’ On a personal level, St. Michael’s has helped me, my wife, and her sister. I can attest to the exceptional care, and they do have short wait times! On behalf of the State of Texas, we wish St. Michael’s continued success.”

Rick Miller’s final day as a member of the Texas House of Representatives was January 12. He did not seek reelection. A huge thank you goes out to Rick for his service to our community as well.

To request a COVID-19 test at St. Michael’s, visit and fill out the form. You will receive an email link to make payment, and a form to submit to insurance. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital will then send a text when it’s time to head their way. Short and sweet.
“Stay healthy!” adds Dr. Orsak.

St. Michael’s Elite Hospital
16000 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6), Sugar Land, TX 77479


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