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The best holiday memories are those built on family traditions…and they don’t get better (or more delicious) than the annual Lomonte family Italian Sausage Party. Dr. Thomas Lomonte, DDS says, “We get together every November to enjoy the beautiful Texas weather, share Italian food and music, good wine, and take turns mixing and stuffing the sausage with our secret family recipe. My dad’s brother, my Uncle Frank,started the tradition, then his son, my cousin continued it, and now it’s my turn…and my son Matt and my daughter Natalie are learning the secret, too!”

You can’t choose when an expensive medical emergency will hit you…but you can choose when and in what order your address your dental issues. Chronic inflammation from gum disease has been associated with the development of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease, blockages of blood vessels, and strokes. the Wall Street Journal’s financial advisor James Altucher indicated that the extra dollars spent on dental care over the years may have been well worth the money.Americans have three more teeth today on average than they did in 1970, and the number of children with cavities has reduced from 74 percent to less than 30 percent over the same time span, the WSJ reports.

The American Dental Association says that dental treatment usually begins with low-cost diagnostic procedures like x-rays and exams.

According to Altucher, when the first training school for oral hygienists opened in the U.S. in 1913, almost every American suffered from some medical condition related to tooth decay, and the number one cause of suicide in the 1800s was dental pain. In a large study, people who had their teeth professionally scaled at least once every two years were 24% less likely to have a heart attack and their risk of stroke dropped by 13%, compared with those who skipped the hygienist. Scaling cleans between the gums and the teeth. vLeft unchecked, a small cavity that would cost about $100 to fill can easily turn into a $1,000 root canal. Skip those $80 cleanings each year, and you may be looking at $2,000 worth of gum disease treatments. An abscess that lands you in the emergency room will set you back hundreds of dollars for the visit, “and you’ll still have to go see a dentist, because emergency rooms don’t handle dental work,” said Dr. Messina.

“Stretching your hard-earned dollars starts with understanding what dental work you really need. I don’t believe in making things confusing or convoluted, so we’ll lay out the best choices for you and be straightforward about the pricing. We offer financing and payment plans and we can workup a timeline that will allow you to budget. I want everyone to feel they deserve a strong, healthy smile!”

“Seeing my patients is a privilege I’ll never take for granted. As a native Texan, I understand the importance of hospitality and good humor between folks. Getting high-quality dental care doesn’t have to be expensive, unpleasant, or impersonal. All of us at this office believe in enjoying life, especially the time we spend with our patients. We invite you to come in as a patient…and leave as a friend!”

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