Five Herniated Discs…No Surgery

Sugar Land Health CenterDr. Rodney Bell, the choir director at Needville High School, has seen a chiropractor for most of his life. When he moved here several years ago, he started seeing Dr. Steve Harris at Sugar Land Health Center. It was chiropractic adjustment business as usual for Dr. Bell…until this summer.

“I was noticing a rapid increase in lower back pain,” says Dr. Bell. “I just assumed it was because I had skipped a few adjustments. But Dr. Harris thought otherwise…something had changed and he ordered an MRI. The results were shocking…five herniated discs in my lower back. It quickly turned into the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life.”

“The odds were certainly against me,” continues Dr. Bell. “Even Dr. Harris said it was one of the worst cases he had seen in 39 years of practice. But that is where I was lucky…I had Dr. Harris in my life. For many in that situation, the only recourse is drugs and back surgery. I wanted to avoid surgery. Dr. Harris told me he would give it all he had, but in exchange I had to stay really faithful to the treatment plan–a plan that included body alignments, electrical treatments, very strong decompression and laser treatments. I’ll be honest, the pain got worse before it got better…but Dr. Harris had prepared me for that. Each time you walk into Dr. Harris’ office you’re asked to mark your pain level on a scale of 0-10. On the worst day, I wrote down ‘SEVERE–14!’ But three days later, the pain started dropping rapidly. Now, I usually mark ½ or zero. It’s just remarkable!”

Sugar Land Health CenterAs a choir director and teacher, Dr. Bell is very active…conducting music through use of his arms and playing the piano for hours each day. “As school starts back,” says Dr. Bell, “doctor’s orders are I can return to normal activity…and I’m a bit nervous about that. But my security blanket is knowing Dr. Harris is close by and I can go in if I need to!”

“Dr. Harris is a very honest and ethical doctor,” continues Dr. Bell. “He truly wants you to be healthy. He shows you exactly what’s wrong, and explains how he’s going to treat it and why. He’s knowledgeable in both his wealth of experience and education on the latest chiropractic treatments, techniques and technology. And his office staff is fabulous. They really care about you…each and every time I’m there they go out of their way to make sure I’m comfortable.”

Dr. Harris says, “What I do is not only safe care, but holistic care. My commitment is to do everything I can to help you avoid surgery and drugs. In other words, I believe that the body has the power to heal, but that sometimes it just needs a little help to do so. I’m so happy I could do that for Rodney, and I would love to help you as well!”

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