Fresh as a Summer’s Day

Now that the kids are home for the summer, is your house suffering? As they run in and out to the pool, the park, the ballfield, they’re tracking in dirt, mud, grass…and more! Rainy days aren’t any better, since that just means all those good times, toys, and snacks are being enjoyed on your rugs. Max McCammond, founder and owners of Professional Maid Service says, “Encourage your kids to keep up with the chores…and call on our professional maids to pick up the slack and give you a house that’s as fresh as a summer day!”

Let’s face it, the kids aren’t the only ones tracking in the dirt. Summer’s a great time for gardening, fishing, working on the car, cleaning the BBQ, swimming laps, or sweating on the sports field. Enjoy your fun in the summertime and leave the cleaning to the professionals. Max says, “All of our maids are bonded and insured to guarantee the comfort level people require and deserve. Our maids receive the highest training and only use top-quality products. They’ll show up in professional uniforms, in a company car, and with smiles that show they love what they do!”

Don’t sweat the housecleaning or let your house get down and dirty this summer. Call Professional Maid Service for the personal, friendly service you’d have from a single housekeeper…with the efficiency of a team of maids and the peace of mind that comes from using a company that truly stands behind its work. Max says, “We also offer convenient key drop-off…so whether you come back from vacation or a neighborhood barbeque, you’ll find a sparkling clean house!”

Cleaning to the Max: “Your windows and the glass panels on your doors are like the eyes of your home,” says Max. “In summer, they accumulate more pollen and debris (like lovebugs, grass trimmings, and mosquitoes) than in other times of the year…and these will be the first things your houseguests see. Clean them often. One easy trick is to use old newspaper to dry the glass. It will keep the glass streak free…and it’s good for the environment, too!”

Professional Maid Service

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