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Walk through the doors at TX 3rd Coast Mixed Martial Arts, and the first thing you see are two trophy cases filled with medals, belts and numerous other honors. These were all earned by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt Jason Soliz. In addition to being co-founder of TX 3rd Coast MMA, Jason is a local and national BJJ competitor. He is widely recognized as one of the best young grapplers in Houston, TX. Jason comes by it naturally, of course. His father and fellow co-founder, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Professor Joe Soliz, has nearly 40 years of experience in MMA (mixed martial arts)—including professional and amateur MMA coach plus certified judge and referee.

With this skillset, this duo has a lot to offer. What they are most interested in is getting to know you personally. Joe says, “This a family gym. What that means is when you join this gym we treat you like family. We are never mean or looking to beat anyone up mentally or physically. When you come here—whether as a beginner, hobbyist or a professional—we want you to feel welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, going through a divorce, whatever…we are all in this together on the gym floor. Jason and I love knowing every student and what they do, and we are personable with each one. This is fun for us! When class is over, students are always hanging out having fun. It’s a wonderful family atmosphere.”

Tx 3rd Coast MMAAt TX 3rd Coast Mixed Martial Arts, you are being trained by a champion competitor. Jason recently moved from amateur to professional fights. “But Jason is not just a fighter,” says Joe. “He’s a real martial artist. He carries the code of respect in and out of the gym. He leads by example. MMA is evolving around the country, and Jason is on the cutting edge of that, always researching better ways of training and teaching. He’s so far ahead of the learning curve for his age.” It’s a trait 27-year-old Jason credits to his father. “My dad pushed these habits when I was very young. And now I want to be a positive influence on my students, especially the kids. This is a great confidence builder. We have kids from every background: homeschooled kids, kids that were bullied, kids with speech impairments. We bring the confidence out.” Joe adds, “Jason’s a great role model and a disciplinarian. The kids just love him!”

This MMA academy offers nine different curriculums for ages six to 60 and beyond. But don’t worry about what to choose…just drop in and talk to the Soliz family about your goals and interests. Pat—Jason’s mom and Joe’s wife of 39 years—greets visitors at the front desk and knows the business as well as the boys. Jason’s Schnauzer Bailey—who Jason says has a “black belt by association”—is always around to say “Hi” too. TX 3rd Coast MMA is a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, a one of a kind MMA gym. Stop in anytime to see what they’re all about!

TX 3rd Coast MMA
14021 Southwest Fwy. Suite A
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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