Getting Kids Back Into the Swing of Things

by Sarah Warburton

After summer, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things…but nothing puts a spring back into a student’s step like the joy of making music! Whether you’ve got an eager band student or a kid who’d love some after-school lessons, swing by the Fort Bend Music Center, your one-stop-shop for pianos, music lessons, band instruments, repairs…and more! Ashley Cochran, Accounts Manager says, “Visit our Facebook page for information on open mic nights, music workshops, and screenings of “music-themed movies”…all free and open to the community!”

Maybe Ed Sheeren doesn’t need to tell anyone in your house to “Sing!” If your home is alive with the sound of music, consider the ongoing choral groups at Fort Bend Music Center. Kids will build vocal skills and strong friendships at the same time. Group lessons are also available in drums, guitar, and piano. Renee Massey, Fort Bend Music Center’s Lessons Desk Manager says, “In our piano lessons, we use the Yamaha Music Education System, the most comprehensive music program available. In all our group lessons, students work on ear training, reading music, and playing both solo and ensemble styles.”

Lindsey Cochran of the Lessons Department adds, “Group music lessons are familiar to kids who play on sports teams and work in groups at school…and they make learning music even more fun!”

“ As Stevie Wonder said, “Music is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand,” says Rick Cochran, President of Fort Bend Music Center. “Call us, stop by anytime, or visit our website for a schedule of classes, teacher biographies, and our fees and policies. We’ll help you express yourself through the power of music!”

Band students from all over Fort Bend are marching to Fort Bend Music Center to purchase, rent, or repair their flutes, trombones, and every piece needed for that big band sound. “We are a complete, full-line music store,” says Betty Tinney, Store Manager, “and a full-line authorized Yamaha dealer with everything from pianos, guitars, drums, lessons and band instruments. Now we offer online instrument rentals through our website Most instruments and accessories that local band directors prefer and recommend are in-stock (even intermediate and pro horns). Special orders can usually be filled within a week! We also offer in-house, on-site, repairs from Monday through Saturday from 10-5. Bill Barth and Louie Corral in our repair shop have a reputation for instrument repair and restoration in Fort Bend and the Houston area, with over fifty years combined experience.”

Fort Bend Music Center
12919 SW Freeway, Ste 160

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