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When Linda Riddle was only three years old, she came with her mother and her new stepfather, a private in the US army, from Thailand to the US. She says, “I grew up as a small-town Texas girl in Copperas Cove, and went through some tough times. When I graduated high school, I headed straight for Houston. Since then I’ve worked all aspects of sales and I’ve had my real estate license for twenty years. It was when I met TODD RIDDLE thirteen years ago, just as my business was starting off, that we knew we’d be the perfect TEAM for life!”

Todd was living in Clear Lake where he’d grown up and Linda was in Sugar Land. “So,” Linda says, “we decided to have a little friendly competition to see where we’d live together. So, picking something I knew I could win, I chose bowling.” Todd says, “For the record, Linda beat me at the warm-up game and called that the win…but I went on to dominate in the games that ‘didn’t count.’ I thank God everyday that she won…Fort Bend has been a wonderful place to live!”

When Linda and Todd joined forces, Sienna Plantation was just starting out. Linda says, “We fell in love with the lot where Todd proposed to me and built our first home. Eleven and half years later, we chose another lot in Sienna and built our dream house. Having a home and a loving family means everything to me! I have a twenty-seven-year-old son, a twenty-three-year-old stepdaughter, a seventeen-year-old daughter and a four-year-old grandbaby. One thing I’ve always tried to instill in my kids is the importance of setting goals, working hard to achieve them, and giving back to the community.”

Want proof that hard work pays off? They have consistently been the top Sienna Realtor for over ten years with ReMax Fine Properties, and a Top 20 Multi-million Dollar Producer in the state of Texas. Linda says, “Our motto is: Keep it real. We’ve assembled a fantastic team of agents and managers. Our clients love that we’re not too small to stay on top of everything, but not too big to deliver personal attention and service. I love still being ‘in it’!” Todd says, “Whether we’re working on a 2 million dollar deal or a hundred thousand dollar deal, we give our clients the same care and attention. We answer our phones 24-7 and have an unparalleled level of commitment to our clients.”

Though the Riddles may be experts in helping finding families find a place to build their roots, Linda says “This December we’re taking a journey back to my roots. I haven’t been back to Thailand in 48 years…and I haven’t seen my biological father in all that time. I’m going without any expectations except the hope for a greater understanding of who I am and a sense of closure, all while making new memories with my family. Having Todd and the rest of my family with me gives me the strength to revisit the past and set new goals for our future. Check in with UpClose to see how the journey unfolds….”

Real Estate Riddles

Real Estate Riddles: Buy or Rent? Linda says, “Renters don’t worry about maintenance and other financial obligations, but homeowners who secure a fixed-rate loan can lock in their monthly housing costs and make prudent long-term investment plans. Todd and I rented an apartment while we looked for our dream lot. When we found it in Sienna Plantation, we could see the potential for growth in the community. Look at homeownership as an investment…and think about what it will be worth in the future.”

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Todd & Linda Riddle

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