Going the Extra Smile

Going the Extra Smile
Sarah Warburton

Do you have a Hollywood Smile or are you rockin’ Fifty Shades of Grey? Stained, discolored teeth add years to your face. Luckily, it’s an easy fix with a little professional help. Dr. Thomas Lomonte says, “Sometimes patients think their choices are to live with discolored teeth or get teeth so white they’d glow in the dark. Actually, a shade charts lets us choose the most naturally appealing shade for you. A change of just two or three shades makes a real difference. Whitening can lighten your smile nine or more shades, but most people achieve the look they want with a change of just two to seven shades. I recommend in-office Colgate Visible White to remove both surface and embedded stains from teeth…for a smile that’s several shades lighter in a single treatment!”

If you want a dentist who’ll go the extra smile for you, Dr. Lomonte’s your man. His office will work with your budget, your schedule and your insurance to achieve your goals. Whether you choose whitening, the affordable and effective Snap-On Smile, veneers or implants, his office is your one-stop-shop for smile solutions. Dr. Lomonte says, “We believe in really getting to know our patients, taking our time to explain all the options, and helping your maximize your benefits so you get the best results for the best price.”

Speaking of benefits, you paid for those insurance benefits, but did you use them? If you don’t use ‘em by December 31st, 2013, you’ll lose ‘em and there is no guarantee what next year’s benefits will be. Dr. Lomonte says, “Most insurance plans allow two free cleanings per year for your dental health. If you haven’t used your benefits or you need dental work, call now, before the busy holiday season starts. We’ll work with your insurance to make sure you get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve!”

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