Good Fathers Raise Good Sons

For over eighteen years, Master Plumber Alan Burkhalter of Alan’s Plumbing has taken care of the families of Fort Bend…and he’s raised his own family, too. Alan’s three sons Beau, Luke, and Jake grew up around the business, riding the trucks, diggin’, haulin’, even crawlin’ in the attic. Beau and Luke now have a journeyman’s license and are running their own truck. And Jake earned his apprentice plumber’s license early on. Today Beau and Luke are working full-time with their dad…and you can look for Jake this summer when he’s home from Texas State University. We asked them what they’ve learned from their father….and they had plenty to say!

Beau says, “Everything I know I learned from my dad, and he’s the best father and the best teacher for sure. He can’t be everywhere, so I know I have to do the kind of job that would make him proud on every job. That’s why you won’t catch us talking on our cell phones on your time and we always treat you and your home with total respect.”

Luke says, “Dad’s old school, so he’s about getting the job done without making fancy promises upfront. He taught us to ‘work smarter, not harder.’ If you take the time to understand the problem and fix it the way it should be fixed the first time, it’s less trouble for the customer and less work in the long run. The only job worth doing is a job done right.”

Even as a business-owner working hard to build a reputation and provide for his family, Alan and Uncle Chris made time for the things that really matter in life. All three boys were active in sports, especially at Elkins High. Jake says, “In all the years, even between me and both my brothers, Dad has never missed a game or a sporting event. My dad and Uncle were always there for us…and that taught us that no matter what’s going on in life, family comes first!”

Alan’s wife and mother of Beau, Luke, and Jake, Jennifer says, “Our boys have been going out with their dad and uncle since they were about eight or nine years old. They’ve got the credentials, the experience…and they want to make their Dad proud. Maybe I’m not an impartial observer…but I think he’s been a great father!”

Need a plumber you can trust? Call Alan’s Plumbing. The plumber who walks through your door might be Alan, his brother Chris, Beau, Luke, or Jake, or fellow team member Kyle…and you’ll get quality work from guys you can trust.

From us at Alan’s Plumbing, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. We appreciate the hard work you put into making our community stronger.

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