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Andrew Sharp, Financial Consultant with Charles Schwab, has worked as a broker, financial planner, research analyst and product specialist…and when an opportunity at Charles Schwab presented itself, he jumped on it.

“The company where I was working was acquired by Schwab,” says Andy. “I could have left and gone anywhere, but as I learned about Schwab’s philosophy—to really look at an individual’s current situation and financial goals, and then come up with a comprehensive, concrete plan to meet them—I realized it was the place for me. My experiences have taught me that the only way to manage another person’s money is to really get to know them, see the world through their eyes and encourage them to ask questions and get engaged.”
Charles Schawb
“When you choose to invest with Schwab, it’s on your terms, and you’ll always understand what’s going on with your money and why,” continues Andy. “We are not a transaction-based business and not into get-rich-quick schemes and ideas. We simply protect and grow your hard-earned wealth…and manage your risk, protecting you and your family. I’m not just talking about market swings. For example, there’s a misconception that estate planning is for the ultra-wealthy. Not true. Should something happen to you, your assets could be frozen for months until probated. That’s a huge risk if your family needs those assets, but it’s avoidable with the correct planning. We call it taking ownership of your future.”

Born and raised in the Midwest, Andy met his wife when they were both undergraduates at the University of Notre Dame. “Amy is a native Texan,” says Andy. “My dream was to live in Chicago…but she changed my plans. I couldn’t be happier. Houston is a great place to work and Texas is a great place to play. I look out my office window, and there’s cranes on the horizon in every direction. That’s progress, growth and opportunity. My kids attend outstanding public schools, and with the cost of living so low…it’s easy to do a lot of playing. I love South Padre and the Hill Country…and I really love that I can golf year round!”

Andy received his MBA from Houston Baptist University and is affiliated with the Houston Society of Financial Analysts and the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce. Give him a call today and see how he can help you take ownership of your financial future!

Charles SchawbAndrew Sharp, CIMA®

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