Halloween Tips from the Tooth Fairy’s BFF

Halloween Tips from the Tooth Fairy’s BFF
Sarah Warburton

Have you heard of the Tooth Fairy’s friend, the Halloween Fairy? Dr. Bianca Sanchez of Little People’s Dentistry says, “Some parents tell me that if you leave your bag of candy out for the Halloween Fairy, she’ll magically turn it into a toy! Since the Tooth Fairy knows that candy is not a good choice for strong and sparkly teeth, she’s thrilled with this plan…and parents who are concerned about nutrition and safety love it, too!”

Scare away cavities and tooth decay by taking care to clean your teeth! At home kids can brush their teeth after eating. When they’re out and about, make sure they drink water after they finish eating. Adults can be trusted to choose sugar-free gum to chew after a meal, but kids can’t tell the difference between gum that’s okay and gum that’s full of sugar and hard as a rock. It’s just easier and healthier to choose water over gum.

Ghosts and goblins, creepers and monsters…what scares Dr. Sanchez? She says, “The scariest thing to me is candy that’s hard or super-sticky! Jawbreakers and hard candies chip your teeth. Sticky, gummy candies like caramels, taffy, jellybeans, and licorice cling to teeth, are really hard to brush off, and can eat away at your enamel in the night.”

“I don’t want your children to be scared of the dentist,” says Dr. Sanchez. “I want them to beg to come back again and again!” Anytime during the month of October bring your little monster (or princess or cowboy or alien) to Little People’s Dentistry for a checkup…and don’t forget that costume! Dr. Sanchez says, “We’ll take a picture and enter you in our Little Monsters Costume Contest. The winner will be announced at the end of the month! As an extra bonus, on Thursday, October 31st, my staff and I will dress up and let the kids vote for their favorite costume. We take Halloween fun very seriously!”

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