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When Steve Harris was just a kid, his father had been living with ever-worsening pain for years. Steve says, “He went to the top three medical doctors in Houston, and eventually he had tried twenty-two medications…and then he went to a chiropractor. That chiropractor found a pinched nerve in my dad’s upper back from a car accident he’d been in when he was only nineteen…and after three months of treatment the pain was gone! Since ninth grade, there was nothing else on earth I wanted to do with my life. Now after thirty-eight years as a chiropractor, I’m blessed to say I’ve helped free men, women, kids and even other chiropractors from living in pain!”

When pain is shooting down your arm or leg, through your neck or into your temples, it’s hard to believe it could all be traced back to your spine. Dr. Harris says, “Most back pain and many other conditions can be traced to a pinched nerve in your spine. Whether it’s a long ago injury from a car accident, a childhood fall off a bed or out of a tree, a college sports injury, or even a recent attempt to pick up a grandchild or move a piece of furniture, I have a variety of ways to treat your back and neck with the goal of relieving your pain long term. In fact, several patients have come in with an MRI to show herniated discs in their spine…and after their treatment at the Sugar Land Health Center, they got another MRI that showed the problem was completely gone. One patient said, “‘My radiologist told me he’d never seen anything like this before…that it just wasn’t possible!’ But it is possible…when you treat the underlying problem with the right chiropractic techniques.”

One patient told us he’d lived with pain that came back week after week for fifty-six years. How much do you think he had spent on doctors, medications, and treatments that didn’t work? He says, “Dr. Harris put my life back to normal. This man is the real deal!”

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