Here’s to Your Health

by Luke Worth

“Many people don’t realize they have absolute discretion over which pharmacist to use,” says Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. of Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy.  “Texas law guarantees you that choice. When one patient, one physician, and one pharmacist work together to keep you in peak running condition, that is an unbeatable triad. The ‘three Ps’ is what I call it. Whether your goal is to look younger, feel better, or keep your family healthy over the holidays, by working together, we can help you accomplish those goals.”

Just recently, keeping his own family well has become even more of an exciting challenge. Dr. Campbell and his wife welcomed the addition of baby Claire, who with her sisters Chloe and Caitlyn and brother Cole, bring their own joy to the holidays. “That’s yet another benefit to compounded pharmaceuticals,” says Dr. Campbell. “All too often, children are prescribed smaller “guesstimated” dosages of adult medications, which may or may not be height/weight appropriate for them. The operative word in compounding is custom design. We can “edit out” fillers or dyes, change the flavor, or create a gel, a cream, a pill, a gummy, or even a lollipop form of medication. Compounded medications aren’t mass-produced approximations. They’re specific to your family’s needs.”

Think about how careful you are in choosing the right vitamins or shoes or even juice boxes for your kids. You and your family deserve that same care from your pharmacist. Dr. Campbell says, “We are so thankful for our family at Campbell’s Compounding and for each and every one of you!”

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